How to ban or unban a member from a Discord server

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If you create a Discord Server, you'll soon find out that not all members are up for friendly conversation.Some people join servers to post inappropriate content or spread hate.In this case, you can ban these members from your server.

Whether you temporarily or permanently ban someone, it sends a message to other members: Harmful behavior on your server will not be tolerated.Here's how to get from Discord Ban or unban members from the server.


How to Ban Members from Discord Server

Banning members from a Discord server is very easy.To ban a member using the Discord desktop app, follow these steps:

1. Open Discord and select your server from the left sidebar.

2. Click the Show Members List icon in the top bar.


3. Right-click the member you want to mute, and select Mute [username] from the menu.


4. Select a reason for banning in the confirmation box, and click "Mute".


To ban members from using the Discord server on a mobile device, follow the instructions below:




1. Open Discord on your Android or iOS device.

2. Select Servers from the left sidebar.

3. Click the member icon in the upper right corner.

4. Tap the member you want to ban, then select Ban from the menu that appears.

5. Enter a reason for the ban, and click Ban.

How to unblock a Discord server

If you perform a temporary ban, or if you just change your mind, you can unban a user.

Follow the steps below to unblock a user using the Discord desktop app:

1. Click the drop-down icon next to the server name in the upper left corner, and select "Server Settings" from the pop-up menu.


2. Select "Mute" from the left sidebar, then click the user you want to unmute.


3. Click Unmute.


After the ban is lifted, an invitation link to join the Discord server is sent to the user.

If you're using the mobile app, follow these steps:




1. Tap the three horizontal dots next to the server name, then select "Settings" from the menu that appears.

2. Scroll down and tap Mute.

3. Tap the three horizontal dots next to the user you want to unblock, then select "Unblock".

You have now successfully unblocked this user.

Control access to Discord servers

It's not uncommon to come across members on Discord intent on spreading hate.The best way to deal with these people is to disable their access to your server.You can do this quickly and easily on your phone and desktop using the steps above.

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