How to Change the Desktop Wallpaper on a Chromebook

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One of the joys of owning a computer is customizing your desktop.Although Chromebook Much of the user experience on Google is controlled by Google, but you can easily change your desktop wallpaper to suit your mood, personality, or weather.


Why replace Chromebook wallpaper?

The spiritual successor to the netbook, Chromebooks are an affordable way to surf the web.While Chromebooks started out as inexpensive hardware to support browsers, Chromebooks now support a sleek Linux interface, and you can even install Flatpak packages on Chromebooks.

But ChromeOS is made and distributed by Google, and even minor tweaks to the user experience are controlled by Google. ChromeOS wallpapers are one of the elements that can be changed, and it's easy to use cool wallpapers on your Chromebook.

A wallpaper can make your Chromebook more visually appealing or help it fit your aesthetic—turning an ordinary background into an extension of your personality.

Change the desktop wallpaper on a Chromebook

Before changing your Chromebook wallpaper, you need to find some wallpapers that you can live with, and that you want to see every time you minimize Google Chrome.Depending on your Chromebook's display, you might want HD wallpapers, or even gorgeous 8K wallpapers.

Save your selected wallpapers to the "Downloads" directory or create a dedicated folder to store them.

Find the picture you want to set as your desktop wallpaper, then right-click and select "Set as Wallpaper".


Another way to change your Chromebook's background image is to use a wallpapers app.The quickest way is to right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and click "Set Wallpaper".


When the Wallpapers app opens, you can choose a wallpaper background image by clicking My Images, or choose from one of Google's curated images.These include Native American Artists, LGBTQ Artists, Solidarity, Solid Colors, Art, and more.


Not all images will appear on your Chromebook.If not, Google will automatically download the image you selected and set it as wallpaper.

Easily set a custom wallpaper on your Chromebook

Google has made it very easy to set a wallpaper on ChromeOS, and offers some great wallpapers of its own.If these wallpapers are not to your liking, then you can go online and find the artwork you want.

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