How to connect two sets of AirPods to the same Mac

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we all know through AirPods How great it is to listen to music.But you know what's even better?Share the listening experience with others, no matter what AirPods, Beats, or other Bluetooth or wired headphones.

Currently, macOS does not support sharing audio to two pairs of headphones at the same time.Thankfully, you can enjoy the same audio on multiple earbuds with a simple workaround.


Let us show you how to connect two pairs of AirPods to your Mac to create an immersive, co-listening wireless audio experience.

Can you connect two sets of AirPods to your Mac?

Modern versions of macOS (including macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma) lack iOS' Share Audio feature, which lets you easily share audio from your iPhone to two sets of AirPods.


To connect two sets of AirPods to any Mac, we'll use a built-in feature called Audio MIDI Setup, which allows you to play audio through multiple speakers and headphones on your Mac.

Unlike the iPhone's Shared Audio feature, which only supports AirPods or specific Beats headphones, Audio MIDI Setup works with all types of audio devices, whether they're connected via Bluetooth or wired, according to the Audio MIDI Setup user guide on Apple's website.

How to connect two pairs of AirPods to Mac

To connect two sets of AirPods or other headphones to a MacBook or desktop Mac and share audio with friends, we need to create a virtual audio device in the audio MIDI setup, route the audio from both sets of AirPods to the device, and set the Select the device.

Follow the steps below to create a multi-audio virtual device:

1. Pair both AirPods with your Mac.If you don't have AirPods, you can pair any other Bluetooth headset to your computer.

2. Open a new Finder window, click Applications in the sidebar, and open the Utilities folder.

3. Double-click Audio MIDI Setup in the Utilities folder to launch it.You can also use Spotlight Search on Mac to open Audio MIDI Setup.


4. Click the plus (+) button in the lower left corner of the Audio MIDI Settings window and select the Create Multiple Output Device option from the context menu.


5. On the right, check the boxes next to the two sets of AirPods or other headphones you want to use.

6. Select "Multiple Output Devices" in the list on the left, click it to rename the virtual audio device, and press Enter.Give it a descriptive title like Sharing Headphones.


7. Control-click the virtual audio device and select Use this device for sound output.


While macOS lacks a shared audio feature, the method above lets you share audio with a friend on the same Mac without being limited to a set of AirPods.

Don't forget to disconnect and unpair your friend's AirPods when you're done sharing audio!

Is there a separate volume slider?


Unfortunately, the MIDI audio setup solution doesn't offer separate volume sliders for each pair of headphones in the macOS menu bar and Control Center.The volume can be adjusted individually for each set of AirPods connected to a Mac only through physical controls on the earbuds.

Connect two AirPods and share Mac audio with a friend

While you and your friend can both use a single AirPod for listening, sharing two pairs of AirPods creates a compelling shared listening experience, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the benefits of spatial audio and surround sound that AirPods provide.

We still hope that Apple will port the Shared Audio feature from iOS to macOS so users can easily connect multiple AirPods to a Mac without relying on similar workarounds.

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