How to Add a Weather Icon to the Windows 11 System Tray

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While Windows 11 has a taskbar weather widget, that widget only shows the current weather.You cannot move the gadget to the systray area.

Would you like to have direct access to current and forecast weather details from your system tray?If so, there are two third-party apps you can add to Windows 11's system tray with a weather icon for quick access to the forecast.


how to use WeatherMate Add weather icon to system tray

WeatherMate is a portable application that adds an icon to the system tray showing the temperature of a location.After clicking the system tray icon, a small panel will pop up showing the weekly weather forecast for the location you set.Note that this application also works on older versions of Windows platforms dating back to XP.

Here's how to add the WeatherMate icon to the system tray:

1. Open WeatherMate download pageand double-click the installation file.

2. Click "Select" to choose the installation method for WeatherMate.


3. Click OK in the Browse for Folder window, and then select Finish.

4. Select Close to exit the settings window and launch WeatherMate.

You will now see a WeatherMate temperature icon in the system tray.Double-click the icon to bring up the WeatherMate panel.This panel displays more detailed weather information for the location you set.


To set your location, press the Click Options gear button on the WeatherMate panel.Then select "Locations" to bring up a window from which you can select multiple US or international locations.

Click the US or International radio button, select your state or country from the drop-down menu, and select a more specific location.Select Add > OK to set the location.


WeatherMate only displays today's weather information by default.However, you can change it to a weekly forecast through the app's settings.

Click the gear icon and Settings.Select "Weekly Details" from the "Forecast" drop-down menu on the "Display" tab, then select "OK." WeatherMate will display a more detailed weekly forecast for your area.


If you only see WeatherMate in the taskbar corner overflow menu, you need to set its icon to appear inside the taskbar corner (called the "system tray").

How to Add Weather Icons to the System Tray Using the Weather Bar

Weather Bar is an alternative to WeatherMate that displays a temperature icon in one location in the system tray, similar to WeatherMate.However, the Weather Bar's panels display up to 15 days of forecasts and include animations.That's how to add a weather info icon to Windows 11's system tray with Weather Bar.

Go to the Weather Bar website, download the installation file, and double-click it.This automatically installs and runs WeatherStrip.

You will now see a Weather Bar temperature systray icon.Double-click the icon to view the weather panel for the preset location.The panel displays the temperature, rainfall, wind and general weather conditions for each day.Additionally, you can click on the dots at the bottom of the panel to scroll through the forecast for the day.


Click the hamburger menu button on the panel and select "New Location" to set the weather information for your area.Type your city or town name into the search box to find and select it.If you are in a village, this location may not be available.In this case, please select the nearest city or town.Click Start to set up the new location.


Check the weather from the Windows 11 system tray

The Weather Bar and WeatherMate apps provide more comprehensive weather information than Windows 11's gadgets.Direct access to the weather forecast in the system tray also saves you the hassle of searching websites for local weather information.

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