How to mirror iPhone to PC via USB connection

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Mirroring your phone's screen to your computer can make a big difference when gaming, live streaming, or presenting projects.

You can find several ways to mirror your iPhone to your computer.For example, to mirror an iPhone to a Mac, you can use AirPlay.However, AirPlay has some limitations, such as high network dependence and device limitations.But what if you own a PC instead of a Mac?You can't mirror iPhone to PC using AirPlay.

Likewise, you can find many ways to mirror your iPhone to your PC.However, using a USB connection is the most stable method and ensures the best screen mirroring performance.


Can you mirror iPhone to computer via USB connection?

While iOS doesn't have a built-in feature for mirroring your iPhone to your computer, you can use third-party software to do it.You can find many third-party tools online, but you need reliable software to ensure that screen mirroring is stable, smooth, and lag-free.

You can consider using a screen mirroring software to mirror your iPhone to your computer for free, it is a feature-rich professional Any Miro.

How to Mirror iPhone to Computer via USB Connection

Any Miro is an easy-to-use mirroring app designed to provide the best possible screen mirroring experience.No technical knowledge is required to use AnyMiro.Not only is it easy to set up, but the user-friendly interface makes everything a breeze.

AnyMiro can mirror iPhone to computer with just a few clicks.Let's see how it does it:

1. Download and launch AnyMiro on your computer.


2. Select iOS/iPadOS from the AnyMiro interface.


3. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a data cable, then select USB from the options on the left.

4. The computer will recognize your iPhone and pop up a message asking if you trust the computer.Select "Trust" to continue.

You should now see your iPhone screen mirrored to your computer.This will be a rock-solid mirror connection that you can rely on for uninterrupted visuals.

Now, you can enjoy the big screen experience brought by your computer.Use it to stream your favorite mobile games, game streams and live YouTube episodes.

Enjoy an excellent AnyMiro screen mirroring experience

To get and use AnyMiro, you just need to download and register.Every day you can enjoy up to 40 minutes of free, smooth and high-resolution screen mirroring.Come and try it!You will enjoy every minute of AnyMiro's stable and wonderful screen mirroring experience.

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