Light Mode vs. Dark Mode: Which Mode Should You Use on Your iPhone or iPad?

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Apple introduced Dark Mode in 13 as part of the iOS 13 and iPadOS 2019 updates.

Dark mode quickly gained popularity, and many users liked its modern and sleeker look.On the other hand, there are some users who continue to use and appreciate the original "Light" appearance theme.


If you're undecided between the two, we'll discuss the pros of both models to help you decide.

Advantages of Using Light Mode on iPhone or iPad




The light mode interface is bright and colorful, giving people a sense of familiarity, ease of use and better reading experience, and is favored by many users.This appreciation is even more convincing when we dig into its strengths.

1. Improve readability

Yes, in fact, light mode is easier to read under certain conditions.Dark text on a light background improves our visual visibility and perceptibility.

Lighting Mode also helps reduce glare when using iPhone or iPad in well-lit environments, such as outdoors or in a well-lit room.In addition, it renders the colors of text and icons more accurately.

2. Regular appearance

For some users, the default settings are best.As the traditional look of the user interface, "Light Mode" feels familiar and comfortable to many users.The default look is actually designed to mimic the white paper that people were used to before the digital age.

3. More suitable for the visually impaired

Light mode improves the visibility of text and icons through contrast and color schemes, and is suitable for users with visual impairments.

It's especially good for people with dyslexia and astigmatism, which affects about one in every three people in the United States.Because "Dark Mode" uses light on dark text, users with dyslexia or astigmatism find it difficult to read, so "Light Mode" becomes their first choice.

Advantages of Using Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad




The advent of dark mode brings beauty and functionality to iPhone and iPad users.So it's no surprise that this look set is quickly gaining popularity.Aside from aesthetics, here are the benefits of using dark mode on your device:

1. Reduce eye fatigue

Dark Mode reduces blue light exposure, reducing eye strain.Blue light is part of the natural electromagnetic energy spectrum with higher energy than other colors.The screens of our devices emit blue light, which can cause digital eye strain and even disrupt sleep if exposed to it at night.

2. Power saving

Modern iPhones use OLED screens, which light up each pixel individually.As a result, nearly all of the iPhone's pixels glow when bright mode is used, which consumes more power and results in slightly shorter battery life.

However, if you use dark mode, most of the pixels will be turned off due to the predominantly black background, which improves battery life.

3. Suitable for low light environment

Another advantage of dark mode is compatibility with low-light environments.Dark mode has a softer color design, a more focused interface, and less glare and reflections.Using the bright screen in a low-light environment will not cause environmental interference.

For example, if you're using your iPhone at night or in a movie theater, Bright Mode will interfere with the dim light in your environment, while Dark Mode will not.

Choose the right look for your iPhone

Ultimately, the choice is yours.If you frequently use your iPhone or iPad outdoors, you should choose light mode for enhanced visibility and readability.Still, if eye protection and battery life are more important to you, Dark Mode should be your first choice.

Also, you can switch between the two display modes for a better balance.For most users, using light mode during the day and dark mode at night is ideal.

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