7 Amazing ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for Better AI Prompts and Answers in Your Browser

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ChatGPT helps users answer different types of questions concisely and amazed the world with its amazing features.Plus, ChatGPT has countless other uses, from writing professional emails and resumes to generating code or spreadsheet formulas.These amazing browser extensions enhance ChatGPT's capabilities to make AI replies and prompts better than ever.


Some of these extensions improve the ChatGPT app, while others leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence in other web apps like Gmail to improve the experience.Note that all but one of the extensions require you to sign up for a free account on OpenAI's ChatGPT portal.

1. WebChatGPT


As impressive as ChatGPT's answers are, it's still limited.If you know how ChatGPT works, you know it's not about searching the internet for the latest information on any topic or news.AI works with old data and doesn't scour the internet. WebChatGPT is an innovative solution to this problem, adding web search results to ChatGPT.

Here's how it works.After installing the extension and opening ChatGPT, you will see a bar under the usual query and prompt dialog.Toggle the "Search the Web" button, activate WebChatGPT and choose parameters.You can ask it to search up to 10 results, set the time interval for searching links (day, week, month, year), and also set the region.

When you give ChatGPT any hint, it does a web search and collects the results.The extension then automatically frames a modified prompt that includes these latest results along with your original query, instructing ChatGPT to scan for and include these results.

That way, the final output of the AI ​​can give you more up-to-date information like news summaries, sports stats, weather reports and forecasts, and stock market updates.

You can customize the default revision hints that WebChatGPT uses, but as a new user, we don't recommend this.Once you get more comfortable using this extension, feel free to check out the options for improving your queries.

Download: WebChatGPT for Chrome | Firefox (free)

2. ChatGPT Prompt Genius


When you see screenshots of some of the answers ChatGPT provides to people, it's amazing.But these screenshots don't show prompts for user input to make ChatGPT better.Just like learning the best Google search operators, you need to know how to construct the right hints for ChatGPT.This extension can help.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is like a cheat sheet for giving tips to artificial intelligence.The extension collects user-generated tips for various features and tasks through the Subreddit community.

With this extension, you can quickly run the prompts in ChatGPT or filter them to browse academic writing, business, learning, fun and games, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, programming, social media, speeches, scripts and more category.

The more you discover and import these prompts and customize them to your own needs, the more you'll learn how to write specific questions that ChatGPT can understand and answer.

You can organize and save recently used tips if you want to use them again later.This extension allows you to save your entire chat history with ChatGPT AI as a PDF, PNG or Markdown HTML file directly from your browser.You can also use custom themes for the chat interface, but this is more about appearance than function.

Download: ChatGPT Prompt Genius for Chrome | Firefox (free)

3. ChatGPT Writer

When someone sends you a professional email about meeting you or looking for a job opportunity, it would be rude if you only reply with a line or two (even if that sums up what you're trying to say). ChatGPT Writer will generate a professional-sounding long email based on your reply intent.

The extension works with all email services, but specifically for Gmail, providing a button next to "Send" in the "Compose" message box.When you start ChatGPT Writer, you'll see the original message and find a box to type what you want a short reply to.

You can make it a simple and clear command, such as: "write a reply to this email, talk about my interest in this job, and seek information about salary".


ChatGPT Writer will take a few seconds and write a professional long message based on the content.You can change or edit any word in the box, or redo the hint if you don't like it.When satisfied, insert directly into the reply box, and you're ready to send.

When using ChatpGPT Writer for the first time, you need to log in to your OpenAI account first.The extension works with any Chromium browser such as Chrome, Brave or Edge.While it's currently best suited for responding to professional emails, you can also give it non-work prompts to compose casual and personal email messages.

Download: ChatGPT Writer for Chrome (free)

4.YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

YouTube creators have the option to include a transcript of the full video.As a user, you have no control over this.Many times, all you want is a transcript in order to quickly skim what the video is about and know if it's worth your time to watch.

Install YouTube Summary With ChatGPT and go to any video.The right sidebar now has a "Transcript and Summary" box, clicking on it will open a time-stamped transcript of the video generated by ChatGPT.

Click on any timestamp to go to that moment in the video.If the video is already halfway through, you can jump to the current time in the transcript.You can also copy paste anywhere.


The extension also has a button to view an AI-generated summary of the video.Click this button to enter ChatGPT, and enter the text content in the prompt.All you have to do now is prompt ChatGPT to summarize the text, and you get the summary instantly.

You can also add more hints for more details on specific parts of the video without watching the full video.

Download: YouTube Summary With ChatGPT for Chrome | Safari (free)

5. Talk-to-ChatGPT


ChatGPT is currently a text-only AI app, with prompts and answers written.But Google Chrome offers some great voice commands and text-to-speech features. Talk-to-ChatGPT fills this gap by allowing you to speak to the computer to give prompts and have the ChatGPT answers read aloud by artificial intelligence.

After installing the extension, refresh the ChatGPT tab once and press "Start" in the extension to allow access.A floating panel at the top right of the screen will show if it's active, and you can toggle it to record, play the audio to read the answer, or pause.

Talk-to-ChatGPT is an open source extension that lets you set things up however you want.You can choose from different AI voices, pitches and text reading speeds.It also supports voice command shortcuts "stop" and "pause" to control playback.

Download: Talk-to-ChatGPT for Chrome (free)

6. ChatGPT for Search Engines


ChatGPT for Search Engines is one of the best new web search apps that displays ChatGPT answers alongside regular search results on Google or DuckDuckGo.It also works with Bing, but since Microsoft has officially integrated the two, you don't need Bing anymore.

You can find AI answers next to the regular search results in the right sidebar.The extension can run on every search, for keywords ending in a question mark, or can be triggered manually if desired.Clicking on the extension icon opens a shortcut to run ChatGPT queries directly from the drop-down panel.

Download: ChatGPT for Search Engines for Chrome | Firefox | Edge (free)

7. Perplexity AI


The decentralization of information and knowledge has brought many benefits in recent years.But, like anything in tech, it has an ugly side.For example, the rise of fake news and misinformation is one of its biggest by-products.

Perplexity AI can help you eliminate misinformation.In fact, as the developers say, the tool is a combination of Google and ChatGPT.Simply enter your query into the extension and the tool will summarize the best results for you, with legitimate citation sources.The last part is very important.

The tool summarizes the information in a concise manner and quickly mentions the best legal sources at the end of the answer.While there's still the possibility of errors here (you'll still need to rely on Perplexity's sources of information), we believe this is much better than the usual, unsourced replies you'll get from ChatGPT.

Download: Perplexity AI for Chrome (free)

ChatGPT is awesome, but be realistic...

With such extensions as showing search results in ChatGPT, showing you how to use the correct prompt, and using AI to improve YouTube or Gmail, you might think it's time to hand over most of the work to ChatGPT.But this is not the case.

Yes, ChatGPT's AI capabilities are amazing compared to its predecessors, but ChatGPT isn't ready for primetime yet.It's still a long way off and a lot depends on the user typing in the correct prompt.In some cases, the data on which its answers are based leaves much to be desired.Now, you can use it however you want, but don't rely on it completely, and be careful with the results.

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