The 8 Best Windows Music Players for Hi-Fi Audio

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While Microsoft's operating system has always offered built-in options like Windows Media Player (called Media Player in Windows 11) or the now-defunct Groove Music, Windows users tend to search for their favorite music players.


However, if you're an audiophile, searching can be tricky.Try searching for a music player that supports high-definition audio in FLAC, MQA, or DSD formats, and your options will be limited.So we've rounded up the best hi-fi music player apps for Windows.

1. Hysolid


If you have a good hi-fi system connected to your computer,Hysolid Might be just what you're looking for.This is not traditional media player software.Instead, it turns your computer into a music player that you can control with an iOS device (there's an Android app, but it's broken).Just lay back on the couch, choose the music you want to listen to, and your computer will play it through the hi-fi system.You don't even need to be logged into Windows.

Hysolid can play music in most hi-fi formats.The program is compatible with PCM audio, including WAV and FLAC up to 384kHz, and DSD from 2.8MHz to 11.2MHz in DSF format. Hysolid also shows you the working mode of the USB DAC you are using and whether the playback is perfect or not.

DownloadHysolid (free)

2. MusicBee


If you want a clean and clean interface without compromising speed,MusicBee Just what you need.It's a lightweight app that opens instantly, but still packs a punch.You can adjust the audio with 10- or 15-band equalizers and DSP effects.Not all software can do this, but if you have a high-end audio card on your computer, MusicBee can use it.

MusicBee also supports gapless playback, logarithmic volume scaling, normalized volume streaming and Android device synchronization.In addition, if you have used WinAmp with plug-ins before, you can also import these plug-ins into MusicBee to improve your listening experience.This music player also includes skins, support, CD ripper and other features.

Download: MusicBee (free)

3. Amarra Luxe


If Amarra Luxe looks familiar to you, that's because it's also one of the best hi-fi music player apps for MacOS.It's a premium music player, so it's not cheap, but it's feature-packed.It also supports major hi-fi formats like FLAC, MQA and DSD.Unfortunately, MQA is currently only supported on macOS.

This app is also handy if you also like to stream high-fidelity audio.In addition to playing your music collection, the Amarra Luxe can also stream from Tidal and Qobuz.If you want to control all your music with one app, no matter where it is, this might be what you're looking for.

DownloadAmarra Luxe ($99)

4. Audirvana


Audirvana is another app on our macOS list that focuses on letting you control the audio stream from source to output.If you have a powerful computer and want to process great audio, this software is worth considering.For example, Audirvana supports running higher-performance algorithms to offload the DAC and avoid oversampling.

The app also supports VST3 plug-ins.Whether adding an equalizer, or reviewing your favorite songs with a spectrum analyzer, it's handy for audiophiles. Audirvana is another option that isn't cheap (there's a 30-day free trial), but the app's powerful features may make it worth the price.

DownloadAudirvana ($119.99)



As one of the most popular music players for Windows, Foobar2000 is almost a household name.While the interface is a little dated, the app is fast, configurable, and best of all, it's free.While it's not the only free player on this list, it's the only one that resembles traditional lightweight media players.

Foobar supports FLAC out of the box, but not DSD.To get support for this, you need the Super Audio CD Decoder add-on, which you can download from SourceForge.After installing this component, it becomes a more powerful audio player.

DownloadFoobar2000 (free)

6. JRiver


JRiver is a software that tries to do many things for many people.Fortunately, it does pretty much everything well.It supports bit-perfect audio in lossless PCM and DSD formats.Speaking of the audio subsystem, it can use ASIO or WASAPI, which means it streams audio flawlessly to your DAC.

Here are a few features that may seem obvious, but are lacking in other players.One example of this is the optional audiophile crossfeed.The developers say this makes the headphones sound more natural and less tiring because it's more like what you'd hear from speakers in a room.

DownloadJRiver ($69.98 for a Windows-only license, or $89.98 for a combined Windows, Mac, and Linux license)

7. Roon


Most hi-fi music player software focuses only on sound quality, not Roon Then find another way.In the transition to digital music, something has been lost, the developers say.To bring back that sense of engagement you felt when flipping through the pages of an album, Roon wants to give you a searchable music magazine.

Roon doesn't just apply this technology to music stored on computers.It can also search for music streamed from a local NAS or even from Tidal.If music isn't a background activity for you, but something you want to be part of, Roon might be worth a try (free trial available).

DownloadRoon ($149.88/year or $829.99 (for lifetime))



If you proudly proclaim to anyone that you are an audiophile, then this software may be the best choice for you.Developed by self-proclaimed "Aficionados", this software is designed to optimize everything to get the audio signal from your source to your DAC at the highest possible quality.It supports PCM audio and DSD, and even claims to improve the sound quality of Tidal and Qobuz.

Like Hysolid, this is not a player.Instead, it's a server.Once it's up and running, you can use it with any UPnP-compatible app or hardware.The developers recommend Bubble UPnP for Android, but have also tested Kinsky for Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Among other features, JPLAY FEMTO has a sleep mode.This mode is designed to reduce background noise produced by the computer.It does this by eliminating jitter-generating processes and threads.That means you probably don't want to do much else with your computer during playback, but it will sound fantastic.

DownloadJPLAY FEMTO (149 euros)

Are you looking to start your high fidelity audio journey?

Finding the right hi-fi music player app is all well and good, but it doesn't mean much if you don't have hi-fi music to listen to.These apps can also play your MP3 collection, but if you have a great audio setup, you'll get more bang for your buck by buying high-quality audio.

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