How to set a passcode for PS5

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People don't usually think of PS5 consoles as needing password protection.They are usually placed in the living room and can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.But the PS5 has built-in security features, and login passwords are one of them.

We'll tell you why you might need to start locking your PS5, and what to do if you choose to.


Why do you need to lock down the PS5?

There are many reasons why you need to lock down your PS5, we'll highlight a few of them here:

1. Protect your save files from tampering.Every gamer has probably had the experience of a save file being overwritten or accidentally deleted.This can be avoided by using a password.

2. Prevent others from spending money in your PSN wallet at will.After you've topped up your PSN Wallet, anyone with access to your user account can spend from it.

3. If you have children at home, and the children may access games with inappropriate content through your account, for the safety of the children, you should lock the account.

4. The password is anti-theft.It might not stop others from stealing the hardware, but it would greatly reduce its appeal.

5. Keep some privacy for yourself, don't let others see your games, videos, chat history and other content on PS5.

There are many more reasons why you should lock your PS5, but the main downside is that it might be a little inconvenient when you log into your PS5.We think it's a small price to pay for controlling who can access your PS5.

Comparison of console restriction codes and login passwords


The PS5 actually has two passcodes: the console restrictions passcode and the login passcode.A login password will prevent the user from logging in, but you must first be logged into your PSN account on that user account.The console restriction code is used to protect the PS5 console restriction settings.

The Console Restrictions settings contain all the options for choosing whether new user accounts can be created on PS5, the PG ratings of games that new users can access, changing console restriction passwords, and other content restriction features.

Curiously, the console restrictions settings section also has an option to censor children's web browsers.But be aware that the web browser on the PS5 is hidden.Perhaps this also indicates that the PS5 will launch a dedicated web browser application in a later update.

Note that you should not confuse these with checkout passwords.Your checkout password is your PSN account password.If your user account doesn't have a password, anyone can turn it off or on in the settings.

How to set a PS5 login password

A login password prevents anyone from logging into your user account.But if you have another user account on your PS5, there's nothing to stop them from playing games purchased with that user account.To do this, you must turn off game sharing.

Anyway, here's how to set a password on your PS5 user account:

1. Make sure you are signed in to your PlayStation Network account.

2. Go to "Settings" > "Users & Accounts" > "Login Settings" > "Require PS5 Login Password".


3. Now use the buttons on the controller to enter the required code for each number.You can switch to the number pad by pressing the option button on your controller.


4. Enter the password twice.

Congratulations, you now have the password for your user account.You can change your password at any time by visiting the Login Settings page in Users and Accounts.You will see "Change PS5 Login Password" and "Remove PS5 Login Password" buttons.

How to set PS5 console restriction codes

The console restriction settings are located in a different section within the PS5 settings.You'll find it in the Family and Parental Controls section, as it's primarily used to limit children's access on the PS5.

Here's how to set up PS5 console restriction codes:

1. Go to Settings > Family & Parental Controls > PS5 Console Restrictions.


2. Enter the default password ("0000").


3. Select "Change console restriction password".

4. Enter your own custom password.


Console restriction codes are not required to be entered every time a user account is logged in.It's just there to stop kids or unwanted users from adding new users or playing games you've restricted.Therefore, it is very important to go to the PS5 console restrictions settings page and set the restrictions.

Improve your PS5's security with a passcode

While it's easy to forget, the PS5, like other high-value entertainment technology, must be protected.

Whether it's keeping unwanted guests or kids out, it's good to make it a little more difficult for anyone to get into the PS5, tamper with settings, overwrite saves, or buy games you don't want to buy.We recommend that you add at least one of the above codes on your PS5 to make it harder to get in.

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