How to View Apple Music Listening History

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don't like the recent Apple Music The music you listen to?History is easily accessed and deleted if you want to start over.This will change your recommendations and potentially allow you to discover new songs and artists you didn't know you liked.

Grab your phone or MacBook; we'll show you a quick, easy guide to erasing your phone and desktop with ease Apple Music The current history on the application.


How to View Apple Music Listening History

Apple Music History is not the same as Apple Music Replay, so don't confuse the two. Your Apple Music history includes songs you've listened to most recently in the app.And Apple Music Replay is your favorite songs arranged by year.It is updated every Sunday to reflect your listening for the week.

Before you get started, please note that the Apple Music history is just a track list, so don't expect a detailed history.The tracks also won't be categorized like your library.This is just to give you a quick overview of what you've been listening to lately, nothing more.

How to View Apple Music Listening History (Mobile)

You can check your Apple Music listening history on the mobile app by following the steps below.

1. Open the Apple Music app on your phone.

2. The song starts playing and the music player is displayed.

3. Open the player and tap the Up Next button (the icon with three lines in the lower right corner of the screen).This will display the "Play Next" list.

4. Swipe down on the screen to display your listening history.



How to View Your Apple Music Listening History (Desktop)

You can follow the steps below to view Apple Music history on the desktop app.

1. Open the Apple Music application on your computer.

2. Click the "Next" icon in the upper right corner.

3. Select the "History" tab.


At this point, you can browse the history to find what you're looking for.But if you'd rather clear your history and start over, here's how.

How to Delete Listening History on Apple Music

Whether you want to start listening to music on purpose, or the list of songs in your history is too long, you can just delete it and start over.The exact steps depend on whether you're listening to Apple Music on a smartphone or a Mac.

How to Delete Listening History on Apple Music (Phone)

1. Open the Apple Music app on your phone.

2. Open the music player, tap the "Previous Next" button to enter the "Next Play" list.

3. After entering "History", tap "Clear" in the upper right corner.



How to Delete Listening History on Apple Music (Desktop)

On the desktop app, follow the steps above to view history.Then, delete using one of the following methods.

1. Scroll down to the end of the list and click Clear.

2. Hover over a song, click the three-dot menu that appears, and select the Delete from History option to delete songs individually.


Clear Apple Music History Easily

Maybe your Apple Music history is too long, or you don't like some streamed songs.Whatever the reason, our guide can help you find and delete history in just a few taps.

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