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I'm usually someone who really enjoys the outdoors.I go hiking, swimming, and the occasional lightsaber duel - there is no lightsaber team in the park near my house!

Now, in the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, parks, beaches and gyms have become unsafe.That's when I stumbled across an app that sparked my interest in two of my favorite things.Watching horror movies and audio dramas while working out in my own house.The app is calledZombies, Run! 

Zombies, run!It's a fitness app I've never seen before, it's an audio drama, and a fitness app.The developer launched in 2012six starts.You will play a RunThe character of the runner of the ner Five.A member of the Runners Corps.Your job is to collect supplies and carry out missions for the town of Abel, one of the last uninfected human settlements.Story mode is divided into seasons, and each season has a series of episodes called "quests".

Each mission is a small episode in the season's storyline.Once the mission is selected, the audio drama will begin.Sometimes you're looking for supplies, sometimes you're rescuing survivors.Later, the story gets deeper.Each mission at predetermined intervals will play more of that season's storyline.Through a series of radio transmissions, you can receive it while you are running.

When you're out and about, you'll collect random supplies that you can bring back to your base.You can use these supplies for a small base building game in the app, allowing Able Township to build it the way you want against the undead!Overall, there's a lot going on in this game that I didn't know what to do at first. 

Zombies, run!Not really your mill fitness app.I was initially interested in the audio drama aspect of the game.The storyline for the first few missions is what I expected.You escape zombies and collect supplies, and each episode's storyline is super independent.And then at that moment, I kind of wanted to give up on the app.Audio dramas have taken a turn.Soon, I was running longer.Sometimes I'll be on the treadmill for an extra hour just to hear what's going on in the storyline.

What happened to Able Township, and the intertwined intrigue of this tiny fitness app.Because you assumed a silent protagonist.who receive radio messages but never reply to any of them.By the end of season one, I felt like a runner-up five, and every time I went on a mission, I made sure my friends in Able Township weren't zombie food.I'll actually respond to some points of the radio transmission while running.I soon started to really immerse myself in the world. 

I think that's where the app shines.Because the more you run, the healthier you are.You're also put in this role, and you feel like you're part of the story, being the only one in the cast who doesn't speak.Although your actions speak for themselves. The characters who talk to you over the air in Able Township have issues and backstories that you won't find in other zombie-related media.

The closest I can compare in this regard is Max Brooks' ZombiesWorld war"This book.You deal with zombies and humans.By the end of the first season, you had a feeling for those characters, and by the end of the second season, you were so invested that you forgot your training in it.Running is no longer a chore, it's something I'm starting to really enjoy.It also makes sense through the development of the story.You get stronger as a runner 5, while yourself getting stronger with every run. 

The weakest part of the game is actually the base building part of the game.I don't even see a real reason to do this.Apart from that, there is another thing you can do in the app.Because there is no real conflict when building a base.It doesn't add to the story.I like getting different supplies in the game because it feels like part of the story.After a while, I just let it stock up and eventually set up my base.If you build more, it actually affects the story.I'll be using it more, but at this point, I'm not going to build too much.Because I don't get any real reward from doing this other than the achievement. 

I'm rightZombieThe only real problem is, run!Is it because I am not connected to the GPS function.The app sometimes deviates in accurately calculating my walk on the treadmill.Sometimes I walk a few miles and the app only counts half of them.Although I think if I could go out and connect via GPS I think I'd get a more accurate reading.Although the app does connect to my Apple Watch.So when I'm out for a run, I can see how many supplies I've gotten and how much time is left.I think this is a really cool feature.

Overall, would I recommend the app?Yes, I would recommend Zombies, run away.Especially if you are a horror fan.I don't like zombies at all.Even with that said, I like what it does with the zombie subtype.It's also an interesting character study about surviving impossible times.Sound familiar?

you should buyzombie run?

It's 100% free in most cases.You can only play so many missions until you need to wait a day to play the next one.You can also choose to pay $5.99 or $35.00 per month for the entire year.Honestly, what you get with membership is totally worth will get aThe Walk's new app, it's another audio adventure that adds even more time to your workout.I've been trying it for hours and I like it so far, but since I have more zombie seasons, run!I'm going to hold off until I can run the whole thing on a frenzy.

in conclusion

Let's face it; running is hard work.What better way to stay motivated than when hordes of brain-hungry undead come to you?There are many apps for iOS that can log your mileage and track your route, but Zombies, Run!is the only way to keep you active and distracted at the same time.

You'll listen to more than 40 storylines written by award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, and mix in your own music as needed.You'll gather resources to help you and other survivors, such as batteries, food, and medical supplies.

Training plans are tailored to specific goals, such as running a 5K, interval training to improve your ability to run faster and farther, mini-tasks for fast runs, and 5K, 10K and 20K races with their own special stories.

This app is free with optional in-app purchases.It is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch.


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