How to Make Your Resume in Google Docs

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If you are looking for a new job then you definitely need a job resume,Google Docs is an easy-to-use word processing tool that makes it easy to create a job resume.

Next, let's take a look at how this is done:

How to Google Docs making a resume

First, you need to open a new Google Doc.Then, follow the steps below to start creating a new resume.

1. Add your name and contact information

First enter your name and press enter.Then, enter your phone number, address, and email address, each separated by two spaces and a forward slash.

Then, center the text.You need to change the font size of your name to make it stand out.A font size of 20 is a good choice.


To make sure you can fit everything on one page, you can change the line spacing to single.Just choose Format > Line and Paragraph Spacing > Single.

2. Write your abstract

Below your name and contact information is the best place for your summary.Just go down a few lines and add it.For this example, keep the summary center aligned.


If you're writing an abstract, keep it simple.Focus on your characteristics.It only takes a few words, so don't think too much.

3. Create your educational experience

Next, you need to add your educational history.Go down a few lines and create an "Education" heading. The Header 2 size in Google Docs works well.

Below it, enter the school name, your degree (if applicable), and the year you attended.How you format it is entirely up to you.


Continue creating new rows until you have added all educational experiences.

4. Create your work experience section

For this section, you will need to create a new header like before.However, for the text below, align it left for clearer formatting.

Start a new line, align left, and add your most recent job title or role.You can bold the role, add a comma, and then add the employer or company name.


Below that, add the number of years you've spent in the position.Go down a few lines and start a bulleted list.Here you will explain your main responsibilities in this role.

5. Introduce your skills

Add a title just like you did in the other steps, then, center align and add your skills.


If you want to make it look more polished and save space, you can divide your skills into columns.To do this, highlight your skill list and choose Format > Columns.Then, choose two or three columns depending on the number of skills you have listed.

Since most resumes are in PDF format, you can also easily download your resume to PDF format using Google Docs.Just choose File > Download > PDF Document.

Try Resume Templates

If you're afraid of the hassle of creating a new resume from scratch, you can try Google Docs' built-in templates.


You just need to choose one and start creating.If you're not satisfied with the current template, do a quick Google search for "Google Docs resume template".You'll find hundreds of different templates to download and use.

in conclusion

In fact, making a resume is a simple matter, and most people should be comfortable with it. Your resume is closely related to the job you want to apply for, your experience, and your strengths. Therefore, there is no one standard resume template.To improve your chances of being noticed by employers, it's ideal to stick to the basics and include only the most important information.


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