Mobile hotspot not working in Windows 10?The repair method is as follows

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The internet has become such a central part of our work and play that some connected devices share connections with other gadgets.In addition to your smartphone, your Windows 10 device can also become a mobile hotspot, sharing your internet connection with other computers.

The Windows Mobile Hotspot feature is very convenient and generally easy to use.However, sometimes your Windows 10 hotspot stops working or prevents other devices from connecting to it.If you're having trouble using your Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot, here are some fixes you can try.


How to Troubleshoot Mobile Hotspot in Windows 10

Before trying any of the fixes below, you should check to see if the problem is only happening on a specific device, or if it's happening on all devices.If the problem only occurs on a single device, then the problem is most likely with that device and not your hotspot.Also, double check that your internet connection is working.

If you've determined that the problem is with your computer, follow the steps below to fix it.

1. Try to create a new connection

If you experience issues with your mobile hotspot, delete your device's current connection and reconnect to the hotspot.In most cases, a new connection eliminates validation errors and resolves the issue.

2. Temporarily turn off firewall and antivirus software

Your system's firewall, antivirus, or malware program can sometimes block your mobile hotspot.To determine if this is the cause of the problem, close those applications and connect to your hotspot.If you can connect, open those applications to see which program is causing the problem.If that doesn't work, open these programs now to protect your system.

3. Disable Bluetooth on Windows

A computer's Bluetooth connection can sometimes interfere with a mobile hotspot.Disabling bluetooth can sometimes solve the problem.The specific method is as follows:

1. Press and hold Win + X on your Windows 10 computer to open "Settings", then select "Settings" in the menu.


2. In Settings, select Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.Then set it to off.

Connect to your hotspot and see if it works.If not, go to the next repair step.

4. Check your Wi-Fi adapter

In some cases, your Wi-Fi adapter might not support the Windows Mobile Hotspot feature.Here's how to check if your adapter supports this feature:

1. Press Win + S to open Windows Search.

2. Then enter CMD.Right-click the "Command Prompt" search result, and then click "Run as administrator."

3. A pop-up box will appear.Click Yes.

4. Type "NETSH WLAN show drivers" in the "Command Prompt" and press Enter.Check the "Hosted Networks Supported" line to see if it says "Yes" or "No".

5. If "No" is displayed, it means your Wi-Fi adapter does not support mobile hotspot function.Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the adapter.However, if it says "Yes" and the device still won't connect to the hotspot, follow the next step to fix it.


5. Update all base drivers

Download the free Windows Driver Updater to quickly update all the important drivers on your PC.However, if you don't want to install third-party software on your PC, you can update them using the Windows Update settings.The specific method is as follows:

1. Press Win + X keys and select "Settings" in the menu to open "Settings" in your Windows 10 computer.

2. Then, click Update & Security > Windows Update.

3. Then, click Check for Updates.

4. If available, click the "View optional updates" option.Then, click the "Driver Updates" tab.Next, select the driver you want to update and click Download and Install.


If there are no optional updates available, your base drivers are up to date.Continue to the next repair.

6. Troubleshooting network adapters

Windows 10 has built-in troubleshooting tools to help find and fix problems with your device.You can use this tool to fix any issues with your network adapter.Follow the steps below:

1. Press Win + S to open Windows Search.

2. Type "troubleshooting" and select "Troubleshooting Settings" from the results.

3. On the Troubleshooting page, click Additional Troubleshooters.

4. Under the Find and fix other problems setting, select Network adapters.Then click Run the troubleshooter.This will start the detection process.

5. In the dialog, you will be asked which network adapter you want to diagnose.Select All Network Adapters and click Next.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to fix the computer hotspot issue.


If the troubleshooter finds a problem with your network adapter, it can suggest fixes or handle it automatically.If you can't find any issues, go to the next step.

7. Connect the internet with the hotspot adapter

Another way to solve this problem is to link the internet with the hotspot adapter.Again, you'll need to launch Windows Settings to do this.To do this, follow these steps:

1. Press Win + X keys to open "Settings", then select "Settings" in the menu.

2. In Settings, go to Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot.


3. Make sure Mobile Hotspot is turned on.Then click Change Adapter Options under Related Settings.

4. Right-click the adapter connected to the Internet.This could be your Wi-Fi or local area network (LAN).Then click "Properties".

5. Next, click the "Sharing" tab.Uncheck the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" option and click OK. (Skip this step if already unchecked).

6. Then, right-click on the adapter for the mobile hotspot.Click "Properties".

7. Under the "Sharing" tab, check the "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" option.

8. A popup box will appear.Click OK.

9. Under "Home network connection", select your mobile hotspot adapter.

10. Finally click OK.

Connect to your mobile hotspot again and see if it works now.Otherwise, try the next solution.

8. Perform a clean boot

Startup applications can sometimes conflict with other Windows services.Disabling them can fix the hotspot issue.To do this, you can take advantage of a Windows feature called "clean boot."Here's how to perform a "clean boot":

1. Press Win + R to open "Run".

2. Then enter "msconfig" and click "OK".

3. Click the "Services" tab and select the "Hide all Microsoft services" box.Then click Disable All.


4. Go to the Startup tab and click Open Task Manager.

5. Under Startup in Task Manager, click each program and select Disable.Make sure to do this for all apps in that tab.

6. Close the Task Manager to return to the System Configuration window, then click OK.

7. Restart the computer.

A clean boot reduces software-related conflicts that can be the root cause of hotspot issues on your phone.These conflicts are caused by applications and services that run in the background every time you start your computer.Once they're disabled, your mobile hotspot should work just fine.

9. Reset the network settings on your computer

Have you updated your Windows system recently?Or you installed some applications, made necessary changes to network settings.If so, it's likely that something has messed with your network settings (or you may have changed them yourself), which ends up causing errors with your mobile hotspot on Windows 10.

Therefore, it may be necessary to reset these network settings in order to revert to the previous settings.Here's how to reset it:

1. Go to the "Start" menu search bar, type "cmd", and start Command Prompt as an administrator.

2. Type the following command in cmd and hit Enter:

netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset


After completing the above command, the network settings will be reset.

So if you try the mobile hotspot after Windows has reset again, it should work fine.

Reconnect Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot

Windows 10's mobile hotspot feature is a great tool.But that's pretty useless if you can't connect to it when you need it.After following the steps above to fix it, your hotspot should be back up and running normally.

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