How to Add Music to a Photo Carousel on Instagram

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Are you looking for ways to make your Instagram carousels more engaging?Maybe you're one of those users who doesn't know how to use carousels, so you tend to keep them at arm's length.But the photo carousel has so much potential, Instagram has improved it to help you get noticed.

Instagram lets you add music to your photo carousels to make them a little more fun.Adding music to your photo carousel is easy, and we're going to show you how.Let's get started.


Instagram adds music to photo carousels

Instagram has added music to carousel posts on August 2023, 8. Instagram announced the addition in a blog post:

Whether you're sharing summer memories with friends or moments from your camera roll, you can now add music to your photo carousels.Building on our introduction of in-feed photo music, anyone can add a song to capture the mood and bring the carousel to life.

Instagram introduced carousels in 2017, but they still haven’t gained as much traction as other post types.According to a study by Search Engine Journal, while carousels get more engagement than other post types, they only make up 19% of Instagram posts.This may be due to the fact that users don't really understand how to make a carousel interesting or what to put in it.

How to Add Music to a Carousel on Instagram

If you've ever wondered if you should start creating carousels of photos to post on Instagram, this is your signal.Adding music can make your carousel more eye-catching, and has the same effect as adding music to individual photos on Instagram.




Follow these steps to add music to a photo carousel on Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram app and tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select at least two photos to add to the carousel, then tap Next to continue editing as normal.

3. Once you've reached the final page and added the necessary titles and tags, tap Add Music.

4. Instagram will suggest you add music to your post, but you can also choose your own.If you have something special in mind, you can browse or use the search function to find the song you're looking for.Alternatively, click "Save" to see if there is a suitable song in your favorites.

5. Finally, when you are ready to publish, tap "Share" in the upper right corner, and that's it.The song will appear above the carousel in the feed.

Why add music to photo carousel instead of post reel?


Many creators are focusing on Reels these days because video content is so popular they don't want to be left behind.But there's a reason creators mix content; there's a time and a place for both photo and video content.However, while scrolls are becoming more popular, creating them is time-consuming.

Think about the time and resources it takes to shoot and edit—it can be daunting just thinking about it.That's why creators keep their streams separate from their photo posts.But photos can become mundane and boring.This is where the carousel comes in.

Adding music to photo carousels on Instagram is a step forward, bridging the gap between photos and Reels.This is one of the ways to get noticed on Instagram.Do this when you want to post something interesting but don't have time to shoot and edit a reel.That way, your posts still look intentional, rather than just posting a photo on your profile and calling it a day.

Do more with photo carousels on Instagram

Instagram has come a long way since its inception.Now, Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing app, it allows you to do a lot more, including using photos and carousels.When you don't have time to cut video or edit Reels, you can add music to photo carousels to bring them to life.

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