The 6 Best Free Sleep Tracking Apps

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In today's fast-paced world, ensuring quality sleep has become an important part of maintaining overall health.A sleep tracking app is a digital tool designed to monitor and analyze your sleep patterns, providing valuable insights into the quality and duration of your sleep.These apps typically utilize sensors on your smartphone or wearable device to track your movement, heart rate, and other relevant data while you sleep.


If you want to take control of your sleep and improve your overall health, read on as we recommend the best free sleep tracking apps to help you reach your sleep goals.

1. Better Sleep


Better Sleep provides a comprehensive solution for sleep tracking and improving sleep quality.The app has a built-in sleep tracker that listens for various sounds during sleep, such as snoring, talking, and even unexpected sounds like farting.

To activate the sleep tracker, you need to allow Better Sleep Use your microphone.When you turn on your sleep tracker, you can listen to soothing sounds, guided meditations, and bedtime stories to help you fall asleep.

After you stop tracking, you can view the sleep analysis report by tapping the "Insights" tab on iOS or the "Logs" tab on Android.This includes detailed information about sleep stages, the duration of each stage, sleep quality assessment, and even recordings of recognized sounds during sleep.However, these sleep recordings cannot be accessed or listened to unless you opt for the premium version.

Unlike some other sleep apps, BetterSleep doesn't integrate with wearables or sensors.As such, it can't gather comprehensive information about your sleep patterns, which can be a drawback if you want to get a more detailed look at your sleep quality.

Download: Better Sleep for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Sleep Cycle


Sleep Cycle Helps you understand your sleep patterns by providing detailed sleep analysis reports in your sleep log.The log includes information such as sounds recorded while sleeping, sleep stages, and sleep time.Unlike Better Sleep, though, Sleep Cycle only recognizes snoring and not other sounds.

In addition, Sleep Cycle also allows you to decide how long to save sleep records, or choose not to save at all.If you choose the latter, only the time and duration of the snoring detection will be shown in the sleep log.

For your overall health, the app syncs with Google Fit on Android and Apple Health on iOS.If you choose the premium version of the app, you'll also have access to stress relief routines, daytime sleep enhancement techniques, and bedtime relaxation exercises.

Unlike most of the top sleep apps, though, only the premium version of the app offers guided meditations, soothing sounds, music, and bedtime stories.

Download: Sleep Cycle for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Snore Lab


If you are looking for an app dedicated to tracking and recording snoring patterns then Snore Lab It is your best choice.It not only tracks when and how loudly you snore, but also lets you listen to recorded snoring for analysis while you sleep.

Plus, SnoreLab motivates you to try different treatments and make lifestyle changes to reduce snoring.To that end, before each sleep tracking session, the app prompts you to enter remedies you've tried for snoring and factors that might affect it.

Afterwards, it provides results showing details like snoring duration, volume, time, sleep time and wake up time.This information can help you determine whether remedies are working and can help you identify triggers.

Upgrade to SnoreLab Premium to gain a more complete picture of your snoring patterns over an extended period of time, increasing the depth of your analysis.

Download: SnoreLab for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Sleep Score


Sleep Score The function of is also similar to other sleep tracking applications, both of which provide detailed sleep analysis reports.But instead of relying on audio for motion detection, it uses sonar technology, which uses low-energy signals to identify the subtlest movements and breathing patterns.

That's impressive for a mobile app, especially one that doesn't require you to wear a fitness watch or other wearable.

In addition to this, the premium version of SleepScore provides sleep guidance for professionals.The downside of SleepScore, though, is that there are a lot of ads and advanced upgrade prompts.This disrupts the user experience and makes navigation less smooth.

Download: SleepScorefor iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)



ShutEye's sleep tracker is one of the most comprehensive sleep trackers on this list.It captures data on sleep duration, stages and disturbances throughout the night.In the ShutEye app, sleep tracking starts after 30 minutes of continuous recording.If you quit recording before this time period, the app will not provide any sleep analysis for that time period.

This free sleep tracking app claims to be the best resource for sufferers of insomnia, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea, and claims to help you overcome sleep problems within 14 days.It uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect the risk of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by irregular pauses in breathing during sleep.It's these cool features that apps like ShutEye offer that make sleep trackers worth using.

The generated sleep analysis report includes an in-depth analysis of sleep quality and highlights factors that may affect sleep health or cause sleep difficulties.The app does a really good job of recording talking, snoring, farting, crying babies, and more.However, you need to subscribe to the premium version to use these recordings.If you want a free sleep tracking app that requires no subscription, consider other options.

We believe that one of the things that prevents ShutEye from reaching its full potential is that some of its best features, such as sleep aid, sleep recording, smart alarm clock, trend reports, the ability to mix sounds, and access to a full sleep analysis report, are locked in the After subscribing.This gives other apps on this list, like BetterSleep and Sleep Cycle, an edge over this one.

Download: ShutEye for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

6. Sleepzy


With Sleepzy, tracking and analyzing sleep patterns is effortless.This free sleep tracking app lets you set sleep goals, while detailed sleep analysis reports help monitor your sleep debt to stay on track with your sleep goals.The app's Insights tab provides a wealth of information, from daily sleep recommendations to global sleep statistics.It even provides a morning weather forecast to help you plan your day.

Additionally, the app's integration with Apple Music and Apple Health lets you personalize your morning with your favorite tunes and enhances the overall sleep monitoring experience. Sleepzy is also a great free sleep tracking app for Apple Watch.With this app, you can conveniently wear your Apple Watch to bed to track and monitor your sleep patterns in more detail.

The premium version of the app unlocks features such as advanced statistics, snore detection, expanded audio library, relaxing breathing techniques and an ad-free experience.It's worth noting, though, that these features are available for free in most sleep apps, and Sleepzy could benefit from a larger user base if it made some of them free.

Download: Sleepzy for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Monitor your sleep health with the best free sleep tracking apps

Among the hundreds of free sleep tracking apps, this list is the perfect choice, each with unique features to improve your sleep quality.From BetterSleep's sound tracking, to SleepScore's innovative sonar technology, to SnoreLab's professional snore analysis, all of these apps have one goal in common: to help you sleep better by gaining a detailed understanding of your sleep health.

It's important to remember, though, that while these tools can provide valuable self-analysis, serious sleep problems should still be addressed by a professional.Each of these tools is just a guiding light, primarily to help you on your sleep-healthy journey.

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