How to change IP address easily and quickly on your various devices

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Whether you have a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or smartwatch, you are assigned an IP address.This is a unique line of numbers that identifies your device and geographic location.But most people don't understand, should the IP stay the same all the time, or should it change from time to time?In short, yes, occasionally changing your IP address is a good idea.

First, changing your IP address helps maintain your device's level of security and privacy during online browsing.Also, when you have internet connection issues, changing your IP address can solve the problem nicely.Finally, changing your IP address can help you bypass geo-blocking.This is a technique that restricts certain content based on your location.This is especially useful if you use streaming services a lot and want to watch TV shows and movies that aren't currently available in your area.

Here's how to change your IP address on iOS, Chrome OS, and Windows 10.

How to Change Your IP Address on iOS

On a Mac or MacBook, you can access your connection settings from the Wi-Fi logo in the bar at the top of the screen or from your settings.It's usually easier to use the former method, but you can access connection settings by tapping the Network option through the Settings app.

In this window, you can view and change the current IP address, which you should write down for later use.From here, click the Advanced tab in the lower right corner of the window, then click TCP/IP.Then you need to use the dropdown in the Configure IPv4 section and select it manually.

After this you will see your IP address changed to "" which means it has been reset and you will now have to manually enter the new IP address.However, you can't just type in any random set of numbers.Instead, you should look at the router address, two lines down, and copy it exactly to the fourth set of numbers.

For example, if your router address is "123.456.78.9", then your new IP address must start with "123.456.78" in order for you to configure to the router.When it comes to the last set of numbers, you can change it to any number between 1 and 55.

The process of changing the IP address on an iPhone or iPad is slightly different from the steps above.First, you need to visit your settings, then go to Wi-Fi settings.Then click the blue circular information icon next to the currently connected network.

From here, the steps are similar.You will need to change the Configure IPv4 settings to manual, but before doing this you will need to remember the router and subnet mask addresses as they will be reset along with your IP address when you switch to manual configuration.

Therefore, you must first re-enter the subnet mask and router address, and then enter the new IP address.

How to Change Your IP Address on Windows 10

To change the IP on Windows 10, you first need to enter the settings via the Windows menu option in the lower left corner of the screen.Once in the Settings app, click Network and Internet Options, then Network and Sharing Center.

On this page, you'll see an option called "Change adapter settings" on the left side of the screen.Right-click the connection you are using, whether wireless or wired, and click the Properties option from the drop-down list.Then, select the Internet Protocol Version 4 option, highlight it, and click the Properties button on the right.

After this, you need to switch from the automatic IP configuration option called "Use the following IP address" to the manual IP configuration option.Now you can enter a new IP.But before doing this, make sure you know the subnet mask and router address so you can re-enter them when you refresh.

Alternatively, you can have the device automatically reset the address for you by going into the Windows menu and typing "command" into the search bar.Then, the Command Prompt application will appear.

After clicking, you will see a black window with a few lines of code in it.Type "ipconfig/release" directly next to the last line.After entering this option, your internet connection will temporarily time out.Then you'll see multiple new lines of code appear on the screen, but don't worry don't panic, this is normal.

At the bottom of the code, next to the last line, enter "ipconfig/renew".This will prompt your device to update your IP address without having to enter it manually.

How to Change Your IP Address on Chrome OS

Changing your IP address on Chrome OS is as simple as visiting Settings in the app menu.


Once you're in settings, you're already in the "Network" section.Here, you need to scroll down until you see the Network option.Click this button to see a drop-down list showing IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway and IPv6 Address.At the top of this list, you may see "Configure automatic IP address switching" turned on.Turn this option off to manually change your address.


Then, the process is the same as required on an iMac or MacBook.You should look at the gateway address shown under Subnet Mask Address and copy it to the fourth set of numbers.

We will use the same example here as shown in the iOS tutorial.If your router address is "123.456.78.9", your new IP address must start with "123.456.78" so you can configure your router.Again, when it comes to the last set of numbers, it can be changed to any number between 1 and 55.

Your IP address should now have changed.

in conclusion

By changing your IP, you can increase the level of internet security, solve connection problems and bypass geo-blocking.The method of changing your IP address on any device is very simple, so no matter your skill level, you can do it in no time.


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