4 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without an OpenAI Account

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Chat GPT Undoubtedly a powerful tool, the platform also has privacy concerns.Understandably, this daunting argument might make you shy away from Chat GPT.But there are other ways to use the tool as well.Here, we will introduce some ways to use ChatGPT without an OpenAI account.


1. bingchat


bingchat Probably the easiest way for most people to use ChatGPT without an OpenAI account.The Microsoft chatbot is based on the GPT-4 version of the platform.Additionally, it is able to incorporate "live results" from the current data source into its results.


To use Bing Chat, you need a Microsoft account and access to Microsoft Edge.If you're a Windows user, you probably already have a Microsoft account.

Once you have your account details, accessing the chatbot is simple - browse the new Bing with Microsoft Edge and the magic of ChatGPT will be at your fingertips.

2. Bing Mobile App




For mobile users, Microsoft's AI Co-Pilot app can meet their needs.The app, which is free to download on Android and iOS, has GPT-4 at its core.The app has most of the functionality of the browser version, but also brings a new dimension to search capabilities for mobile users.

Download: Bing for iOS | Android (free)



Merlin is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.Once installed, it will be integrated into the browser, acting as a virtual assistant.Functions it can perform include:

Email assistance: Merlin can help you answer emails or write promotional emails.

Add AI Reply to Google Search: Merlin can appear as an "alternative" answer to Google Search.

Summarizing Blog Posts or YouTube Videos: Merlin can be used for summarizing blog posts and videos.It can also transcribe entire YouTube videos.


Installation is easy, but you will need to sign up for a Merlin account.This is slightly more restrictive than a standalone chatbot, but the prerequisites are good and it works well.

Download: Merlin for Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge (Free, in-app purchases available).

4. ChatGPT Writer


This is very similar to the Merlin Chat extension.It works by embedding itself in the browser of your choice (Chrome or Edge), from where it can be invoked to perform various tasks.

Before using the extension, it prompts us to authenticate with Cloudflare by visiting the OpenAI website.Once verified (no need to create an account), we can use the tool without problems.

We tested it using Gmail, crafted a fictional email asking for more details to support a job application, and asked ChatGPT Writer to respond.The results are impressive, and the tool is easily accessible through the Gmail reply toolbar.


Overall, it's a smooth experience, second only to Merlin in terms of ease of use.

Download: ChatGPT Writer for Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge (free)

5. Forefront.AI


Forefront.ai is a multi-purpose generative artificial intelligence tool that allows you to use ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, Claude Instant 1.2 and Claude 2 in the same web application.You must subscribe to use ChatGPT-4, Claude Instant 1.2, and Claude 2 (both have limited message transfer rates), but you can sign up and use ChatGPT-3.5 for free.

Forefront.AI's ChatGPT-3.5 output matches (or closely resembles) OpenAI's ChatGPT, so you can rest assured that you're getting the same responses.


Use ChatGPT without an OpenAI account

There aren't many ways to use ChatGPT without an account.Of the five methods we found, though, one should serve most purposes.The Bing chatbot comes closest to the "true ChatGPT experience", and the browser extension is also impressive.

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