10 Time-Saving ChatGPT PDF Plugins

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We interact with PDFs frequently, relying on their easy access.From reading novels and eBooks to studying and analyzing diagrams, PDFs simplify our interaction with information.But sometimes, using them can be difficult.

For example, a PDF file might contain hundreds of pages from a scanned physical book, making it difficult to interact with the text.These challenges and many others can be frustrating.Fortunately, there are several artificial intelligence plugins on ChatGPT that can save you this trouble.


1. Ai PDF

Ai PDF is a ChatGPT plugin designed to simplify the process of extracting information from PDF documents, with a fact-checking feature that helps you navigate through large documents quickly.

To use it, copy the URL of your document and paste it into ChatGPT with the plugin enabled.You can then instruct it to provide whatever information you need.You can also generate a summary that highlights key points from the entire document.


The chat above shows the plugin pulling statistics on the cost of a data breach from the 2022 IBM PDF report.

2. MixerBox ChatPDF

MixerBox ChatPDF is another powerful plugin that lets you interact with documents in a variety of ways, including summarizing information, translating text, and extracting insights.

You just need to find the URL of the PDF document and paste it into ChatGPT.The document will be processed and the plugin will provide a unique document ID representing the uploaded file.You can then ask any questions about the document.


The image above is an example of the plugin summarizing a document into five bullet points and converting the text from English to Spanish.

3. AAA Summarize

AAA Summarize Not just a PDF document interactive tool.It can also be used to summarize web pages or even YouTube videos, allowing you to quickly skim content so you can skip reading or watching.

Once you paste the URL of the video, it reads the transcript and lets you gain insights.You can also summarize information on specific PDF pages, or ask the tool to take you to a specific section of a video.


The picture above is a schematic diagram of the plug-in summarizing the video content released by Apple's Vision Pro.With a feature like this, you don't have to watch the entire video to get the gist.

4.Invoice Pilot

Invoice Pilot simplifies the invoicing process by helping you automate activities such as creating and customizing invoices, finding estimates, and generating PDF documents that can be shared with clients.

To get the most out of the plugin, provide it with some basic information about your business, including details and customer information that should be included in your invoice.The plugin guides you through the creation process.


Above is a link to Jane Smith's $1000 invoice for consulting services displayed by ChatGPT.Businesses and freelancers who invoice frequently can benefit from this simple and smart solution.

5. Ask Your PDF

AskYourPDF is an artificial intelligence extension of a standalone application designed to help people interact with PDFs.Its unique features include extracting valuable insights from documents, enhancing document navigation and comprehension, and making PDF interactions fun.

With AskYourPDF, you can interact with online documents by pasting URLs or uploading local documents to the interface, and the plugin will use the information in the PDF to answer your questions.The plugin also has a pro version that allows you to gain even deeper insights.


The image above shows the plugin extracting data from a PDF document.You must create an account on AskYourPDF and upload documents to use the plugin.

6. ChatOCR

ChatOCR is a cool plugin that uses optical character recognition to extract information from PDFs, photos, and handwritten documents.Thus, in addition to being able to interact with standard PDF files, images containing text can be scanned and information extracted.

Let's say you've written notes on paper and want to transfer them to any of the best note-taking apps out there.You just upload a clear photo of your notes and let the tool do its magic.


As shown above, we extracted text from a PDF containing a screenshot of the search quality assessment document.Using the plugin requires creating an account and waiting a few minutes for the OCR process to complete.

7. A+ Doc Maker

A+ Doc Maker uses artificial intelligence to simplify the document creation process.It supports a variety of document types, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel forms, and HTML files.

If you need to generate a document quickly, you can paste it into ChatGPT with context and instructions on the desired document design and type.The tool generates the document and replies with the URL of the document on the chat interface for you to download.


We gave the tool some text and instructed it to create a PDF document, after which it shared a link.

8. Resume Copilot

Resume Copilot It can help job seekers get rid of the pain of writing resumes, so it is a good assistant for job seekers.It generates ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly resumes with keywords that highlight relevant skills and experience.

To use the plugin, just prompt it to provide you with an upload link for your resume and ask for suggestions for improving it. ChatGPT will use plugins to analyze and answer your questions based on the data.


As you can see in the image above, the plugin provided me with suggestions for optimizing my resume and helped me land a job as a content strategist.


AccuratePDF is created by Avian Provides a supported artificial intelligence plug-in for interactive dialogue with PDF documents.Gain deep insights from PDF documents with accurate citations and page number citations, no matter their size, language, subject, or length.


We queried the plugin for a specific piece of data in a PDF document.It gives the correct response and provides relevant supplementary information and answers.

10. Converter App

Converter App Designed to help you perform real-time currency conversions and create exchange rate charts.Plus, it can convert pictures, chat transcripts, videos, and even audio files to PDF.

To use it, simply copy and paste the URL of the source file into ChatGPT with the plugin enabled.It analyzes the file and generates a PDF.Additionally, the tool allows you to do standard text summarization and PDF manipulation.


This is the plugin to convert images to PDF and share the download link afterwards.

Improve productivity with the ChatGPT PDF plugin

ChatGPT PDF plugins can increase your productivity if you know how to use them.From summarizing text, citing documents, to creating PDF invoices, the aforementioned plugins give you a wide range of capabilities that can be applied to different aspects of your work.However, these are just a few of the many plugins available.If you want to take your productivity to a whole new level, give these plugins a try.

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