Meta Quest Pro vs. Apple Vision Pro: Can Apple Do What Meta Can't?

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One of the most important product announcements from Apple at WWDC 2023 is the Vision Pro, the company's first mixed reality (AR) headset.You can use it to stream movies, play video games, make FaceTime video calls, and run various applications side by side.


Despite the innovative nature of the Vision Pro headset, it is MetaQuest Pro There are similarities.With the Quest Pro unable to replicate the Quest 2's success, some consumers questioned the potential of another AR device.Here's our take on Apple's ability to achieve what Meta has failed to achieve over the years.

Meta's Quest for Virtual Reality


Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021, but has been working on a connected 3D digital space for years.In fact, Meta acquired Oculus back in 2014.It hopes Oculus will catalyze the adoption of VR, as its headsets are selling well in the US.

Meta wants to be an early adopter of the Metaverse, and thus start more actively developing VR in 2022.It even rebranded the Oculus Quest 2 as the Meta Quest 2 that same year.

Despite the support of several global technology leaders and investors, the Metaverse project has never taken off. Statista reports that Meta lost more than $2019 billion between 2023 and early 400.And with projects related to the Metaverse taking a backseat in the AI ​​race, Meta may not be recovering anytime soon.

Still, Meta is a top contender in the VR industry.So even if Apple has a loyal consumer base, it will be hard to top it.

MetaQuest Pro With the Apple Vision Pro: 6 Factors to Consider

To assess the gap between Apple and Meta in building the Metaverse, let's compare their flagship VR/AR headsets: Vision Pro and Meta Quest Pro.

1. Price


Many users dislike the Vision Pro because of its high $3499 price tag.That's a steep price tag, even for an Apple product.You can get flagship iPhone and MacBook Pro models for the same price, plus some change for an Apple Watch.For the average consumer, the Vision Pro isn't a reasonable expense.

Meta is taking a different approach, offering discounts on its VR headsets. The Quest Pro's list price has dropped from $1499.99 to $999.99, while the Quest 2 starts at $299.99.

Apple should make the Vision Pro cheaper to reach a wider audience and gain more chance of controlling the market.Otherwise, buyers on a budget will opt for the Meta Quest series.

2. Function

Vision Pro is a spatial computer that combines augmented and virtual reality technologies.In theory, it could replace your other gadgets.Users can send messages, surf the web, answer calls and run apps on the Vision Pro, Apple said.

The Quest Pro, on the other hand, is a versatile headset aimed at business users.While Meta is adding new features, it will take time for users to see them as Metaverse terminals.

That said, Apple's goals are equally ambitious.The Vision Pro won't replace your other devices until Apple improves battery life, lowers the sticker price, and improves portability.

3. wear


Weight is a key factor in wearability.A few hundred grams of weight on your forehead and cheekbones for long periods of time can feel awkward.Due to the Meta Quest 2's weight of 503 grams, many users struggled to wear it.

And the Meta Quest Pro weighs a whopping 722 grams, so expect more wearing and portability issues.Prolonged use definitely requires external ergonomic support. Meta may launch a Quest 2 Elite Strap-like weight module for Meta Quest Pro.

As of this writing, Apple hasn't revealed how much the Vision Pro weighs, but reviewers who tried it at WWDC 2023 say it weighs around 1.1 pounds (about 500 grams). The weight difference of 200 grams is noticeable and will give the Vision Pro an advantage.

4. Battery life


Another reason the Vision Pro isn't yet a replacement for everyday gadgets is that its battery only lasts two hours on a full charge.That's barely enough to watch a movie. The Vision Pro has to at least match the iPhone's battery life, or it's just a novelty.

Meta Quest Pro can also be used for two to three hours on a full charge.But users rarely complain about battery life because they use it as a VR gaming headset.Two hours is enough time for them to play several games non-stop.

5. Out of the box

Meta Quest Pro and apple vision pro Has decent out-of-the-box functionality.After you've set up your profiles and tweaked the settings to your liking, you can start using them.Still, add-ons help deliver a more immersive, ultra-realistic experience.

Based on user reviews, Quest Pro performs best with the following accessories:

Full Visor: The full visor blocks out external glare and obstructions for a more immersive viewing experience. The Quest Pro is equipped with a partial shade, but some ambient light still seeps in through the shade.

Compact Charging Dock: The Compact Charging Dock is a travel-friendly way to charge your Quest Pro headset and controllers.It is smaller and lighter than ordinary charging docks.

VR headsets: Quest Pro only transmits sound from the headband arms to your ears, meaning those around you will hear what you're playing.You need a VR headset for an immersive and intimate audio experience.

There are currently no accessories for the Vision Pro.However, Apple is known for selling accessories separately from the device, so when the headphones hit store shelves in early 2024, expect Apple to promote several accessories.

6. Branding


Branding is one of the reasons Apple products are so expensive.Loyal users are happy to pay premium prices because they view these products as innovative luxury items and status symbols.So even if Apple's Vision Pro is overpriced, it's likely to sell well.Apple also has a slight edge over Meta because its consumer base already pays for wearables, smartphones and accessories.

Meta, on the other hand, is primarily known as a social network.While it's leading the way in establishing the Metaverse, cornering the VR/AR hardware market will require a broader marketing effort.As such, the company is aggressively rebranding.

The Vision for Apple's Vision Pro Headphones

The Vision Pro remains mixed in the tech world.Some saw it as a disruptive device that would eventually replace smartphones, while others saw it as a redundant product.

Regardless, no one can guarantee the long-term performance of the Vision Pro.All we know is that Apple wants its spatial computing headset to go beyond the Meta Quest line.

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