How to Manually Update Your Microsoft Defender

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Microsoft Defender, formerly known as Windows Defender, is a powerful antivirus for Windows 10 and 11.If you mainly rely on Microsoft Defender For anti-malware protection, keeping it up to date is critical.

However, sometimes Microsoft Defender may not get automatic updates, leaving your system vulnerable to potential malware attacks.The main reason for this problem is that Microsoft Defender relies on Windows Update to get the latest virus definitions and keep them up to date.Sometimes, if Windows Update is disabled or fails to download the latest updates, Microsoft Defender won't update either, creating nasty holes in your defenses.

However, even if you encounter this problem, don't worry; you can manually update Microsoft Defender in a few different ways.

How to check if Microsoft Defender is updated

The first thing you should do is to check if Microsoft Defender is out of the latest version.Please open Microsoft Defender, check its current version, and compare it to Microsoft's most recent security version.

Methods as below:

1. Open the "Start" menu, search for "Windows Security", and select the best match.

2. In the Windows Security window, in the lower left corner, click Settings, and then select About.


3. Under System Information, note the Antimalware Client Version, Engine Version, and Antivirus Version.

4. Open the Microsoft Defender Updates page and scroll to the Latest Security Intelligence Updates section.


5. Compare the version (antivirus version), engine version, and platform version (antimalware client version) with the versions listed in Step XNUMX System Information.

6. If the versions listed in the system information do not match, you will need to update your antivirus software.

How to trigger a Microsoft Defender update

If Microsoft Defender doesn't update automatically, you can trigger it to get the latest updates from Microsoft servers:

1. Start Windows Security from the Start menu and select Virus and threat protection.

2. Under Virus and threat protection updates, click Protection updates.


3. Select Check for Updates and Windows Security will try to download the latest updates from Microsoft.

How to Manually Download Updates from Microsoft

Alternatively, you can download the latest update file for Microsoft Defender yourself.

Methods as below:

1. Check whether the copy of Windows you have is 32-bit or 64-bit.

2. Go to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Updates page and scroll to find the "Manually download updates" section.


3. Select the appropriate 10-bit or 11-bit version of Microsoft Defender Antivirus for Windows 32 and Windows 64 update files.

4. After downloading the update, launch the .exe file and Microsoft Defender will automatically update.

Update Microsoft Defender with PowerShell

You can also update Microsoft Defender using Windows PowerShell.

Methods as below:

1. Start Windows PowerShell from the Start menu as an administrator.

2. Enter the commandUpdate-MpSignature and hit Enter.

3. If new updates for Microsoft Defender are available, they will be automatically installed on your system.

Try the Windows Update troubleshooter

If you're having trouble with Windows Update, the Windows troubleshooter might solve your problem.

Methods as below:

1. Launch the Settings application from the Start menu and navigate to Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooting.

2. Select "Run" to start the Windows Update troubleshooter.

3. Windows Update should then automatically detect and fix the problem.

4. Restart your computer and check if Windows Update can download the latest updates.

in conclusion

The above methods are not complicated and Microsoft Defender is excellent at protecting your system from malware, but you need to make sure it is updated to the latest version.On Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft Defender is one of the best antivirus software available to keep your system safe.



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