What is Steam Big Picture Mode and how do I use it?

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Steam's "big picture" mode lets you browse Steam using only a controller, no mouse or keyboard.If you regularly game with a controller, or use Steam in your living room gaming setup, Big Picture Mode might be just what you need to take your gaming rig to the next level.

If you're interested, this article walks you through what Steam's "Big Picture Mode" is and how to use it.


What is Steam's Big Picture Mode?

Big Picture Mode is a Steam feature that brings a fresh new user interface to the platform.The user interface is easy to navigate with a gamepad, and the font is large for easy reading while gaming on a TV screen.In this way, you can enjoy Steam games on the comfortable sofa instead of lying on the desk and staring at the computer in a daze.


Big Picture Mode looks similar to the home screen interface of many of your favorite video game consoles.It offers all the functionality of a desktop application, but in a new easy-to-read format.

Why use Steam's "Big Picture Mode"?

Big Picture Mode is specifically designed to help players set up and play games on Steam with console controllers.Not everyone likes to play games with a keyboard and mouse, some people prefer to connect Steam to the TV, and then sit on the couch and play games with a controller.There are so many ways to stream PC games to your TV, and Big Picture Mode is the perfect way to bring it all together so that it feels like you're playing on a home console.

However, while Big Picture Mode is designed to help players use Steam with a gamepad instead of a mouse and keyboard, you don't have to be playing in your living room to use Big Picture Mode. Steam's Big Picture mode works well in any setting, and it's not just for TVs.

How to Enable Steam's Big Picture Mode

If you want to use Steam's "Big Picture Mode", please first make sure your system meets the requirements.Big Picture Mode currently works on Windows 7 or newer, MacOS 10.11 or newer, Linux machines using recent Ubuntu versions, and SteamOS.

If your device meets the requirements above, you're good to go.Below are some basic instructions on how to activate Big Picture Mode.

How to enter the big picture mode

There are a few different ways to enable Big Picture Mode on Steam.The first and easiest method is to press the home button on the controller.Alternatively, you can also press the large image mode icon in the upper right corner of the screen.It looks like a small display.

You can also select "View" from the menu in the upper left corner and press "Large Image Mode" to enter the large image mode.


If you primarily use Steam with a controller, you can also set Steam to start in Big Picture mode every time you open it.


To do this, head to "Settings," select "Interface," and press "Launch Steam in Large Picture Mode."

How to exit the big picture mode

To exit large image mode, go to the menu, press the power key, and select Exit large image.


You can also press the Alt and Enter keys simultaneously if a keyboard is nearby.

Controller support level

While you can open any Steam game in large image mode, not every game fully supports controllers. Steam uses a controller icon to show controller compatibility.

If you see a partially filled gamepad icon next to a game title, that means the game has partial gamepad support.The mouse and keyboard may be required when downloading, launching, or playing games.

If you see a filled gamepad icon next to a game title, it means the game has full gamepad support.You can download, launch and play the game with just a controller.

You can now use Steam Big Picture Mode

The above is a basic guide on how to use Steam Big Picture Mode.If you're using a controller while gaming on your PC or TV, you can now go into big picture mode at any time.Just press and hold the home button on the controller.

Now, you can lie comfortably on the sofa and enjoy the warmth brought by Steam, instead of typing around with the mouse and keyboard on the desk, making your back ache.

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