How to export Apple Notes as a PDF file on any device

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If you use an iPad, iPhone or Mac, there is no doubt thatApple Notes is one of your favorite note-taking apps.The app is easy to use and syncs your notes on iCloud effortlessly.This means you can easily access your notes from different Apple devices.

Apple Notes The practicality doesn't stop there.Among other features, you can export your notes to PDF format.So if you want to export notes from Apple Notes as PDF files on your iPhone, Mac or iPad, read on.


How to Save Apple Notes as PDF on Any Device

Apple Notes has many useful features that you should use.For example, Apple Notes eliminates the need to copy notes to another platform and makes the process a breeze with the ability to export to PDF.The only downside is that you can't export multiple notes at the same time.

You can, however, export notes from Apple Notes as PDFs from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.We will introduce these three platforms.

Export Apple Notes to PDF on iPhone or iPad

If you're on an iPhone or iPad, here's a step-by-step guide on how to export Apple Notes to PDF:

1. In Notes, open any notes you want to export as PDF.

2. Once in the note, tap the "Share" icon at the top.

3. At the bottom, tap Mark to generate PDF.On the Markup page, you can add comments to the PDF before exporting.Choose any markup tool, customize it, and annotate your PDF.

4. When you're satisfied with the PDF, tap Done. Apple Notes will ask you to save the PDF.

5. Tap Save File To, then choose a suitable location on your iPhone or iPad.

6. Finally, tap Save.




On iPhone and iPad, Annotation will help you when exporting notes.In addition to regular notes, you can also use the markup feature to export scanned documents to PDF from the notes app by following the steps above.However, if your scanned document has multiple pages, the steps are slightly different.

Here's how to export a multi-page scanned document in Apple Notes:

1. First, open the scanned document.

2. While in preview, tap and hold on one of the pages, then select "Share" from the pop-up menu.

3. Select Markup, and add comments to the document as desired.

4. Finally, tap Done > Save File To, and choose where to save the PDF file.

5. Click Save to finish.




Export Apple Notes to PDF on Mac

On a Mac, the process is even easier.Here's how to save or export your notes as a PDF from your Mac:

1. Launch the Notes application and open the note you want to export as PDF.

2. Click "File" in the menu bar.

3. Select Export as PDF from the drop-down menu.

4. Rename the PDF file, choose where to save it, and add some tags if desired.

5. Click "Save" to save the PDF.


With the export feature, you can quickly make PDFs in the notes app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Take Apple Notes with you

Apple Notes is one of the best note-taking apps for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.However, the app is useless if you switch to other non-Apple platforms like Android and Windows.So exporting your notes is one way to make sure you have a copy anywhere other than iCloud.

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