How to stop iPhone selfies from flipping or mirroring after taking a picture

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We're all used to seeing ourselves in the mirror, so our minds usually prefer that version.When you use your iPhone's selfie camera, the screen matches it and displays a mirrored version of yourself.

However, after taking a selfie with your iPhone, you may find that the image saved in the Photos app is not quite the same as the one you saw when you took the photo.In many cases, you won't even like the end result.

To fix this, you can enable an option that ensures selfies don't appear flipped and look exactly as you saw them in the viewfinder when you took the photo.


How to Take a Mirror Selfie on iPhone

As soon as you get your new iPhone, you should enable Photo Mirroring.Unsurprisingly, this is one of the basic camera settings you should enable to take good photos on your iPhone.Follow these steps to stop your iPhone selfie from being automatically mirrored, flipped, or rotated after you take it:

1. Open the Settings app and tap Camera.

2. Turn on the Mirror Front Camera (iPhone XS, iPhone XR and later) or Mirror Front Photo (iPhone X and earlier) switch.

3. Open the camera app and switch to the front camera to take a mirror selfie.



By enabling the “Mirror Front Camera” setting, you can stop your iPhone from stopping upside down after taking a selfie.You'll notice that the left and right sides of the selfie stay on the right and left sides, respectively, just as they appear in the viewfinder.

Note that this setting applies to photos and videos taken with the front-facing camera on iPhone XS, XR, and later.However, on iPhone 6S up to iPhone X, it only works with Photos.The video will continue to flip.

Requires manual mirroring of selfies on older devices

Mirror Selfie is only available on iPhones running iOS 14 and later.So if you have an older iPhone that doesn't support iOS 14, you'll have to flip photos manually.You can easily do this using the editing tools in the Apple Photos app or third-party apps.

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