The 13 Best Customized Apple Watch Faces

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On Apple Watch, the watch face is the primary way you interact with the device.Besides the all-important task of telling the time, it lets you view other data and even jump directly to the app with complications.

Just like on iOS devices, you have many ways to customize the watch's home screen.While some methods focus on delivering as much data as possible, Apple also offers some visually stunning options.

We'll highlight a few of the best Apple Watch interfaces to make your device stand out.


How to Change the Apple Watch Face

There are two different ways to add or change Apple Watch faces --- on the watch itself or using the companion Watch app on your iPhone.On the iPhone's Watch app, head to the "Face Gallery" section.With an Apple Watch, long-press the screen and use the Digital Crown to scroll to the "New" section with the plus sign.

Cool Apple Watch Faces

These cool Apple Watch faces show the time in style.

1. Pathfinder


Whether you're indoors or out, Apple Watch Ultra's wayfinding interface lets you know at a glance.Thanks to the Ultra's large screen, up to eight complications can be accommodated on the face and inside the dial.Tapping the bezel on the face reveals a compass showing latitude and longitude coordinates.Additionally, you can display altitude and incline.

You can also choose from a variety of color combinations to further customize your watchface by displaying the hours or minutes in the time ring.And if that wasn't enough, it's also the only watch to offer a night mode.The entire surface turns red to protect your night vision.

2. California


Comprising half Roman numerals and half Arabic numerals, the California dial has been a staple of high-end watches for decades.You can bring this elegant style to Apple Watch and name it "California Dial".

You can customize the numerals on the dial, choosing regular California-style or other options like full Roman numerals.In addition, there are many different colors to choose from.

The full screen watch face option has two complication points.The smaller circular face has four complication points.

3. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)


GMT is another interesting dial borrowed from classic analog watches.This face shows the difference between local time and Greenwich Mean Time on two different dials.The inner dial shows the local time, while the outer dial is a 24-hour dial showing a second time zone.

To take full advantage of the interface, tap its center point to select a specific city from the list.You can also add specific cities from the world clock list.A duotone color scheme shows day and night, as well as sunrise and sunset, for the selected city.Available in a variety of colors, many of which match the hue of the Apple Watch band.

There are four complication points on the outer corners to further customize the surface.

4. Astronomy


One of the Apple Watch's original interfaces is getting a new look.With Astronomy, you can choose to view a view of the Moon, Earth, or the Solar System.Depending on your selection, turning the Digital Crown will show the time passing.For example, in the solar system, you can see past and future planetary alignments.There are three different time fonts to choose from.

You can place complications at the top and bottom of the screen.

5. Portrait


Portrait is a different way to customize your Apple Watch with the moments that matter most.In the companion Watch app on iPhone, you can choose up to 24 portrait photos taken by iPhone.Portrait photos highlight the subject with a blurred background.Every time you raise your wrist, the photo changes.

You can also choose from one of three font, background or two-tone graphic styles to further customize your watch face.There is a complication point on the top and bottom of the face.

Cute Apple Watch Faces

Looking for something cute?These adorable Apple Watch faces are just the thing.

6. Snoopy


The Snoopy watch face, introduced with watchOS 10, features the iconic pairing of Snoopy and Woodstock.The duo comes to life on animated surfaces.Every time you raise your wrist, you'll see an adorable scene of the beagle and his bird friend.

They even interact with the watch hands and react to what you're doing.For example, Snoopy wears a wetsuit when you're in the pool.If your Apple Watch has an "always-on" display, Snoopy will snooze when the screen isn't active.

You can customize the style and background color of the clock numbers.If you choose the "Sunday Surprise" background, it will be black and white during the week and color on Sunday, just like the original comic.



Memoji facial expressions bring fun characters from iPhone to Apple Watch.You can choose from standard Animoji characters, ranging from unicorns to giraffes, or any Memoji you create.You can also choose to customize the background color.

Complications can be displayed at the top and bottom.

8. Stripes


If you just glance at it, you probably don't think much about the striped dial.But surprisingly, it's one of the easiest options to customize.

First, you can choose the number of stripes: from two to nine.You can then choose a color for each stripe.Finally, you can also choose the angle of the stripes.

The full-screen version doesn't offer any complications.But all models have a smaller round version with four external complications.

9. Play time


Playtime is a fun and quirky watch created in collaboration with illustrator Joi Fulton that features figures that correspond to the current time.Turn the Digital Crown to change the background.You can also click on the face to see the character's reaction.You can choose a different face color and even disable the background.

With no complication points, the entire surface is a unique character.

Beautiful Apple Watch faces for OLED screens

Make the most of the stunning OLED display on your Apple Watch with these watch faces.

10. Palette


Another new feature in watchOS 10, the palette is full of colors.You can see three layers of different and overlapping colors.As the time changes, the color will change accordingly.Available in a variety of multicolor backgrounds or monochrome gradients.

There are four complication points on the bezel of the dial.

11. Outline


Available only on Apple Watch Series 7 and later, the contoured face is inspired by the passage of time.All numbers are in a custom font designed to fit the edges of the display.The current hour is highlighted.

You can choose a regular or round dial style and choose a main color for the numerals.The same color can also fill the dial if you prefer.There are two small complication points in the middle of the screen.

12. Lunar


Many of Apple's most beautiful watch faces are inspired by celestial phenomena, and Lunar is no exception.

This eye-catching calendar interface displays the date and time according to the phases of the moon.There are three calendars to choose from - Chinese, Hebrew and Islamic.Turn the Digital Crown to view each month's calendar and see how the lunar calendar compares to the Gregorian calendar.

You can choose to view digital time or analog time.A small selection of colors you can choose are used for the seconds hand on the face.There are four complication slots in each corner.

13. Water and Fire


The Fire and Water watch face is certainly a unique and beautiful way to showcase the Apple Watch, as the different elements will wrap the entire OLED screen.

Both the fire and water films were shot in custom models to help them interact with the dial as if they were actually contained on the surface.The end result is stunning.You can choose to watch just one of the elements, or you can choose both at random.

All models also offer round dials.It doesn't take up the entire screen, but has three complication slots.The full-screen version has no complications.

Show off the best Apple Watch watch faces

With so many options, the collection of Apple Watch faces offers something for every type of user.While there are many watch faces that focus on delivering as much information as possible, other beautiful ones show off the wearable's crisp screen and powerful processing power.

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