How to use FaceTime on Android

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FaceTime is a video calling application launched by Apple, and like most other Apple applications, it is an exclusive application for iOS devices.It's probably one of the most used apps by iPhone users because it makes video chatting so easy.

The good news is that it's also available on Android FaceTime.However, you can only participate in FaceTime calls through invite links created by Apple users.That means you can't make a FaceTime call or use FaceTime on Android without an invite link.But once you have the link, you can FaceTime with your iPhone on Android.Let's see how.


How FaceTime works on Android

As mentioned, you can't download the FaceTime app on an Android device, but you can FaceTime with friends who have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac through an invite link.

If you want to chat via FaceTime, you need to ask a friend with an iOS/iPadOS or macOS device to generate and send you an invitation link.Also, since FaceTime works over the web, you'll need a supported browser, such as Chrome, installed.

FaceTime offers features like SharePlay and many control options like hide/show video, mute audio, switch cameras and grid layout.However, Android users cannot access some of these options.

These limitations won't affect your usage, because the existing functions are enough to help you connect with friends who have iOS system, and use FaceTime between iPhone and Android phones (including Samsung Galaxy devices) to get a good chat experience.

How to join a FaceTime call on Android

To join a FaceTime call on an Android device, you must have an invite link from a friend on an iOS device.They can send the link through their preferred messaging app, as long as the link appears on their share menu.See below if they need help creating the link.

you can only be in Chrome Opens FaceTime in your browser, so download it if you haven't already.Once you receive the link, follow the simple steps below to join the call:

1. Click on the link sent to you to get started.It will take you to your default browser, which should be Chrome.If not, you can manually copy and paste the link into a new tab in your Chrome browser.


2. When the link opens, a blank space will appear prompting you to enter your name.Enter your name in the box and click "Continue." Chrome will ask you to allow FaceTime to access your camera and microphone.Select Allow.After that, your webcam will turn on.


3. Next, a green "Join" button will appear on the screen.Select "Join" and Apple users will receive a request to join.To successfully join the call, they need to accept the join request.

4. In this way, you have successfully joined the call.You'll see a toolbar with multiple controls, including a full screen button, mute button, show/hide video button, flip to front/back camera buttons, left click, and more.


5. People with iPhones, iPads, or Macs will have more control options and features than you, but what you have is more than enough for a full FaceTime call.

6. After the call ends, tap the screen and the toolbar will reappear.Select "Leave" to exit the call.As an Android user, you cannot end a call.

Accessing FaceTime through a browser doesn't compare to the ease of using the app.Still, the quality is top-notch, and it's a decent solution for Android and Apple users connecting via FaceTime.

How to Create a FaceTime Link on iPhone

The process of creating a FaceTime invitation link on an iOS device is simple.This invite link is the only key to accessing FaceTime on your Android device.So give your iOS friends a heads-up to generate and share a link with you for a FaceTime session.

The only requirement to access this feature is to be running iOS/iPadOS 15 and later.If you know your version of iOS meets this requirement, you're good to go. The minimum version requirement for Mac is 12.

If you are an Apple user, please follow the steps below to generate an invite link in the FaceTime app:

1. On your iPhone, find the FaceTime app from the Home screen and launch it.If you're using FaceTime for the first time, create a new Apple ID.If you are already registered, please log in to join.

2. After opening the app, tap the "Create Link" button to generate an invitation link in the chat browser.You can name the link, but it's not necessary.


3. Now that you have created an invite link, you can find it in the "Coming Soon" section of the app.

4. Once you find the generated link, click the info (i) button next to the link and you will be presented with the options to FaceTime, share the link, and delete the link.


5. To share the link with your Android friends, click the "Share Link" button.Choose who you want to share the link with from the top row, or you can send the link via messaging apps like Messages, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other supported messaging program.


6. The person who generated the link can delete the link. If the link is deleted, the other party will not be able to open it after clicking the link.


After sharing the link, tap the link to join the call and wait for the Android user to send a request to join.If it's a group call with other FaceTime users, they can also approve or deny the join request as long as the call lasts at least 30 seconds.

How to FaceTime Between iPhone and Android

If you've always wondered how to video chat with friends who have Apple devices, now you know how.Now, you can join the FaceTime craze from your Android phone or tablet.With a FaceTime invitation link and a Chrome browser that supports FaceTime, you can easily access FaceTime.

The good news is that link generation is simple on all iOS devices, so your friends won't feel burdened to create links for you.

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