How to create photo albums in Google Photos

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Many people choose to use Google Photos to back up and manage photos and images collected over the years.why not?Google PhotosHas good cross-platform usability, a clean user interface, and can be stored synchronously across all Google Cloud-based services.

In addition, Google Photos also provides photo albums, which is very important for grouping photos and sharing them with others.Sometimes you can't use an image from Google Photos for a certain task unless the image is in an album.So, we're going to teach you how to make a photo book on your smartphone and on the web.


How to create photo albums in the Google Photos app

Once you've downloaded Google Photos from the App Store or Play Store, you're ready to start creating albums.The process for creating a photo album is basically the same on iPhone and Android.

Here's how to do it:

1. Launch Google Photos on your device.You'll find yourself on the photo page.

2. Tap "Library" in the menu at the bottom of the app, then select "New Album".

3. Tap Add Title to name the album.

4. Select Select Photos to manually select photos to add to the album.




5. Select the photo you want.

6. Optional: Click "Select People and Pets", and Google Lens will help you find the faces of people and animals and group them.This album will automatically update every time you take a new photo with the specified face.

7. Select Add or Confirm when finished.

If the photos you want to add are recent photos, you can select them from the Google Photos home photos page, then tap Add to.When the menu appears, select Albums or Shared Albums.

How to Create Google Photos on Desktop

If you don't want to use your phone or don't have access to it at all, you can manage Google Photos from the browser on your computer.

Follow the steps below:

1. Open in a browser Google Photos.

2. Click Albums in the left menu.


3. If you don't have an album, click the blue Create Album button.Or click the smaller Create Album button in the upper right corner of the page.

4. Click Add Title to name the album.

5. You can add pictures in three ways:

Drag and drop pictures from your computer to upload and add to photo album at the same time.

Click Choose Photo to choose from the uploaded pictures.

Select "Select People and Pets" to create an auto-updating album with selected faces and animals.

Your photo album should now be synced to Google Photos across all your devices.

Organize and share photos with albums

Of course, Google's group by date feature and innovative Google Lens features make it easy to browse through a large collection of photos.However, you can also add a personal layer of organization with photo albums.

Albums also let you share photos with other people, so everyone can contribute to the album together.

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