How to Set Excel as the Default Spreadsheet App on Mac

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Install Microsoft Excel Helps you create spreadsheets for budgeting or tracking stocks.but in Mac On the other hand, spreadsheets may default to opening in different applications such as Apple Numbers.exist Mac Install on Excel After that, you can change the default app for the spreadsheet.

However, Macs require separate default applications for each file type.If you don't want to spend time changing default applications for multiple file types, you can manually open files directly in Excel.In this article, we'll explain how.Before you begin, make sure you have Microsoft Excel installed on your Mac.


How to Change the Default Spreadsheet Application on Mac

If you frequently open spreadsheets, changing the default applications on your Mac is a great solution.Granted, it might take a few minutes to change default apps for various file types, but it's a permanent one-time solution.

The following are the most common spreadsheet file types that can be opened with Microsoft Excel:

XLSX and XLS: Microsoft Excel saves files in XLSX format by default.You can open these files with other tools like Google Sheets and Numbers. XLS was the default file type for versions of Excel prior to 2007.

CSV: A Comma Separated Values ​​file is a plain text file that contains a list of data.Applications typically exchange data using CSV files.

ODS: OpenDocument Spreadsheet files are created by third-party spreadsheet applications such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Set Microsoft Excel as the default application for these file types, and you're good to go.

First, right-click on the XLSX, CSV, or ODS file.Click Get Info in the right-click menu.


You'll see a window pop up.At the bottom of the window, you'll see the "Open with" field.Click the drop-down menu under the column name and select Microsoft Excel from the list.


If the file type you want to perform this action on is not compatible with Microsoft Excel, you won't see Excel in this list.If you think your file type is compatible, you can click Other in the list and manually navigate to the Excel application.


Click the "Change All" button.You will see a confirmation prompt.Click Continue.

How to manually open a single file with Excel

There is no need to set Excel as your default spreadsheet application if you only want to open the file once with Microsoft Excel.Instead, you can open the file directly in Excel without changing the default app.

To open a file with Excel, right-click the file to open and select "Open with Excel".Then, select Microsoft Excel.


How to open Numbers files in Excel

Numbers is Apple's default spreadsheet app that comes pre-installed on new Mac devices.It uses a different file format that Excel cannot open natively.

If you try to open a Numbers file with Microsoft Excel, you'll see the following prompt.


If you choose "Yes", you will see a message that the file is damaged.


You need to convert the Numbers file to an Excel spreadsheet by exporting it as an Excel file using the Numbers application.Alternatively, you can use a spreadsheet online file converter like CloudConvert.

Simplify Spreadsheets for Mac Users

Spreadsheets are the staple tool of many professionals and savvy families.For many users, spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel are synonymous.Things are a little different on Mac devices, though, because they use the Numbers app by default.

Fortunately, it's easy to set Microsoft Excel as the default app on a Mac, and it's easy to convert a Numbers file to an Excel file.Hopefully you can open spreadsheets in Excel or set it as your default spreadsheet application.

Of course, besides Microsoft Excel and Numbers, there are a variety of other powerful spreadsheet applications you can consider.

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