Which iPhone is the least worth buying in 2023?

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In 2023, recommending the best iPhone has become fairly easy.Unlike in the past, Apple sells the iPhone 14 series at a variety of price points based on your preferences and budget.If you want to save money, you can also check out the 2022 models.


Not every iPhone offers the best value for money, though, and there are certain models you should avoid.Here, we will reveal to you the mystery of which iPhone is the least cost-effective in 2023.

Which iPhone is the least worth buying in 2023?


After comparing all the iPhone models that Apple sells through its official store, we concluded:iPhone SE(2023rd generation) is the worst iPhone of XNUMX.

For reference, Apple launched in March 2022 iPhone SE(third generation), as the successor to the iPhone SE (second generation).It uses the A15 Bionic chip and costs $64 for the 429GB version.

Even though the iPhone SE (third generation) is Apple's most affordable iPhone, it doesn't offer great value for money.For an extra $150, you can choose between an iPhone 13 mini or an iPhone 12.We believe that both devices offer better value for money for most users.

Why is the iPhone SE (XNUMXrd generation) not worth buying?

Let's take a look at the main reasons why the iPhone SE (2023rd generation) is a poor choice in XNUMX.

1. Poor camera system with limited options

Most people expect a premium camera experience when switching from Android to iPhone.However, the iPhone SE (1200rd generation) tends not to achieve this, mainly due to its 1-megapixel single camera system with a fixed optical zoom of XNUMXx.Also, you can't use the iPhone's popular camera mode: Night Scene mode.

On the other hand, both the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 feature a dual-camera system. The iPhone SE (XNUMXrd generation) also doesn't have the TrueDepth front-facing camera required for Face ID biometric authentication.

2. Touch ID hasn't been updated in years


While modern iPhones come with Face ID, the iPhone SE (XNUMXrd generation) still uses Touch ID integrated into the home button.While some people might appreciate unlocking their iPhone with their fingerprint, it's not the safest or most convenient option.

Apple, for example, hasn't updated Touch ID technology in years.Also, while Face ID works in the dark, sweat and other obstructions can reduce the accuracy of Touch ID.

3. Poor display quality


If you want a high-quality display, the iPhone SE (4.7rd generation) will disappoint you even more.The device sports a XNUMX-inch Retina HD display, rather than the Super Retina XDR display found on our recommended alternative.

As you can imagine, a poor display can affect the overall smartphone experience.1080p video streaming is the norm these days, so choosing an iPhone without a 1080p display doesn't make sense.Also, you miss out on HDR and peak brightness options.

4. Does not support MagSafe


Using an iPhone SE (XNUMXrd generation) also means you don't get MagSafe support.Instead, there's Qi wireless charging technology, which isn't too bad either.

Apple's MagSafe technology has come a long way since the relaunch of the iPhone 12.For example, the StandBy feature in iOS 17 works great when you're using a MagSafe-enabled charger and stand.Plus, you can't use many other accessories like MagSafe wallets and power banks.

5. Lack of modern design


The traditional design of the iPhone SE (8rd generation) also put many users off.As you may have noticed, the device bears an annoying resemblance to the iPhone XNUMX and lacks modernity.

While we understand that Apple has reserved this design for those who want a convenient iPhone experience, this bezel looks too outdated in 2023.What's more, if you want a compact iPhone, the iPhone 13 mini offers more value without compromising many other areas.

6. Poor battery life

Despite the lower-resolution screen of the iPhone SE (XNUMXrd generation), battery life isn't as good.While there are steps you can take to save battery life on your iPhone, you can't expect the device to last more than a day.

According to Apple, the iPhone SE (15rd generation) has up to XNUMX hours of video playback time, but those numbers don't translate well in real life.So you're better off picking a model with longer battery life, and the extra features we mentioned.

Avoid iPhone SE (XNUMXrd Generation)

As you may have noticed, the difference between the iPhone SE (XNUMXrd generation) and its alternatives isn't just about specs.Instead, they affect the overall iPhone experience, especially if you're already invested in the Apple ecosystem.

So, you have to make sure that the iPhone model you buy delivers the experience you expect.Users on a budget may have to wait for the next iteration of the iPhone SE.

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