How to download pictures in batches in the browser

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Many users download images from websites to add to their desktop backgrounds, create slideshow screensavers, and many other reasons.Most major web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, have a "Save Image" context menu option for users to download images.These options limit users to downloading one image at a time.

It would be even better if the user could select multiple images and download them all at once.You can use the Image Downloader, Imageye, and ImageAssistant browser extensions to batch download images.Here's how to download images in batches using a browser plug-in.


How to Batch Download Images Using Image Downloader

Image Downloader is an extension available for Chromium browsers like Chrome, Edge, Opera and Vivaldi.This is a simple and easy-to-use extension that can quickly download web images in batches.Clicking on the image downloader link below opens the page where you can install the extension.

After installing Image Downloader, please search for it on Google.Type your search phrase into Google and press Return.Click on an image in the Google search engine to view images matching keywords.

Then click the image downloader icon in your browser toolbar or in the extensions menu.Some browsers (such as Chrome) have an extensions puzzle button that you need to click first to view installed extensions.If necessary, select Image Downloader on the Extensions menu to access the add-on.


When the extension is opened, it analyzes the web page and displays thumbnails of all images.Click on the images you want to download to select them.Then click Download > Yes to continue downloading the selected pictures.


You can drag the sliders on the "Width" and "Height" bars to filter the images displayed in the extension.The plugin will display fewer images when you drag the slider on the right sidebar to exclude smaller images.


Download: Image Downloader for Google Chrome | Opera | Edge | Vivaldi (free)

How to download images in batches using Imageeye

Imageeye is widely used in the Chromium browser, but you can also add the extension to Firefox.This extension is similar to Image Downloader, but adds more filtering options.Add it to your browser from the Imageye download page linked below.

Next, open a page that contains the image you want to download.Then open the plug-in from your browser's URL toolbar or extensions menu to activate Imageye.It then analyzes the page and displays thumbnails of all the images on the page, which is basically what an image downloader does.

Now click on the image shown in the extension to select the image you want to download.Press the Download X Image button.Then wait for the file to download and select Close when complete.


Imageye includes size, type, layout and URL filters to narrow down your image selection.For example, click on "Size" to select a "Small", "Medium" or "Large" option.If you only want files in a specific format, click "Type" and choose a filter option like JPG or PNG from there.You can also select a square or rectangular picture filter option by clicking Layout.


There is also an option in the Imageye extension to toggle between larger and smaller image thumbnail previews.To access this option, click the Settings (gear) button.Then deselect "Show images in two columns" and select "Save" to switch to the expanded thumbnail view.


Download: Imageye for Google Chrome | Firefox | Edge | Opera | Vivaldi (free)

How to use ImageAssistant to download images in batches

The ImageAssistant extension is another extension that lets you batch download images on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi.However, the extension also includes an editor so you can add watermarks to images before downloading them or to images already on your computer.

To install the extension, select the "Add" or "Get" option on the ImageAssistant browser store page linked below.

To download pictures, open a web page that contains some pictures.Click on the ImageAssistant icon on the browser extensions menu or toolbar and select the "Extract current page" option.A separate tab will then open with thumbnails of all the images on the page.


Click the "Select" button to the right of the button to enable image selection.Then click on all the images you want to download to select them.Press the "Download Selected" button and click "Continue".


You can filter images by format and size.Click the selected JPEG, PNG, SVG, and WEBP options to exclude formats from image selection.Select one of the size boxes to include only images larger than the resolution specified for this option.


To try out the extension's watermark functionality, right-click on an image thumbnail and select Send to Image Editor.This will bring up a new tab where you can set a watermark for the image you right-clicked on.If you prefer to add a watermark to your photos, press the "Choose File" button, select a picture on your hard drive, and click "OK."


Download: ImageAssistant for Google Chrome | Edge | Firefox | Opera | Vivaldi (free)

How to Bulk Download Images Using the Image Extractor Web App

Image Extractor is a web application that can be used to bulk download images in any browser.The app is free, but you can sign up to remove ads and receive priority support.It doesn't seem worth it, though, since the program doesn't have too many obvious ads.

turn on Image Extractor page to view the web app.Then enter the complete web address of the image to be downloaded in the input URL box, and click Extract.

You will now see thumbnails of images extracted from the URL entered.Click the thumbnail preview and select the picture to download.Then scroll down the application page and press the "Download Selected" button.

The selected images will be downloaded as a compressed ZIP file.You can still view the contents of the ZIP archive by double-clicking it.

Fast batch download of web page images

Now you can download multiple images from websites faster and more efficiently with ImageAssistant, Imageye and the Image Downloader extension or the Image Extractor web app.

The filtering options in these tools also make it easier to view and select images on a page and find images that match certain criteria.They're especially useful for downloading off-copyright photos from stock photo sites like Unsplash and Pixabay.

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