How to enable Live Captions on Windows 11

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Windows 11 It keeps surprising us.recent Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 released several exciting new tools, including an important accessibility feature called Live Captioning.

What is Live Captioning?

Live Captioning is a new accessibility feature on Windows 11 that converts audio playing on your device into easy-to-read text.


Windows 11 is very privacy-conscious, so any subtitles you generate on your system are private, and your data isn't shared with Microsoft servers.After downloading the required packages, live subtitles can be used even when not connected to the internet.

And, similar to the existing subtitle feature on Windows, you can personalize the subtitle text and its position on the screen to your liking.

However, Live Caption currently only supports English content (US), but Microsoft's support for other languages ​​should follow.

How to Enable Live Captions on Windows 11

Currently, Live Captioning is only available for Windows Insiders running Preview Build 22557 and earlier.If you're running an eligible build, you should have received the update and live captions are available.

To enable Live Captions on Windows 11, here's how:

1. Launch the Start menu, search for settings, and select the best match.

2. Select Accessibility from the sidebar, then navigate to Captions under Hearing.

3. Turn on the Live Caption toggle button.


4. Select Download from the confirmation popup to set up live captions and download the necessary files.

You can also use the Win+Ctrl+L shortcut to quickly toggle live subtitles on your system.

How to Customize Live Captions on Windows 11

If you've used subtitles on Windows 11 before, you're definitely familiar with personalized subtitle text.But if you haven't customized subtitles before, don't worry; it's relatively simple to change the title settings.

To customize or personalize Live Caption styles on Windows 11, here's how:

1. Enable Live Caption as described in the previous section.

2. Select a title style from the drop-down box.


3. Click Edit to edit the style.

4. You can name your custom style and use the Text, Background, and Window tabs to choose how the text and background are displayed.

Additionally, you can change the overall live caption layout by adjusting its position, filtering profanity, and more:

1. Press the keyboard shortcut Windows+Ctrl+L to make sure Live Caption is enabled.


2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to enter the Live Caption settings menu.

3. You can then easily select your preferred location and title options.

How to Add Accessibility Options to the Windows 11 Taskbar

The Quick Settings menu is a nifty improvement in Windows 11 that allows you to quickly change basic settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, and more.You can customize the Quick Settings menu for accessibility.

To add accessibility features to the Quick Settings menu on the taskbar, here's how:

1. Open the shortcut menu from the taskbar and select the pencil icon.

2. Click Add, and then select Accessibility.

3. Rearrange the buttons to your liking and finally select Done.

4. You can now easily enable/disable Live Captions, Magnifier, VoiceOver, etc. using the accessibility icons in the shortcut menu.


The Live Captioning feature is great and will help hearing-impaired viewers experience Windows 11 better.However, it may be a while before it becomes available to all Windows 11 users.


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