How to view, pause or delete your YouTube watch and search history on a computer or mobile device

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YouTube Every video you watch will be remembered.There are a few important reasons for this - by checking your viewing history, you can quickly find and rewatch or share videos you've recently watched.YouTube Also uses this history to provide better recommendations for new videos you might want to watch.But you also have full control over this feature.You can pause your viewing history, which prevents YouTube from knowing what kind of videos you're watching, or you can delete your history entirely.

How to View, Pause, or Delete YouTube on Your Computer Watch History

To view your YouTube Watch History, please open YouTube in your web browser first.Click the three-line menu in the upper-left corner of the page, then click History.Here, you'll see a chronological list of all the videos you've watched, and you can use the "Search Viewing History" field on the right to search for a specific video name or keyword.

Additionally, you can pause or delete your viewing history.

Pause your viewing history: In the pane on the right, click Pause viewing history to stop tracking the videos you watch.

Delete a specific video: To remove a video from your watch history, find the video in the list on the left, move the mouse over the video, and click the X.

Delete entire viewing history: To delete everything from your viewing history, click Clear all viewing history in the right pane.


YouTube in Chrome
                                                 You can manage your viewing history by deleting specific videos, clearing your history, or pausing it entirely. 

How to View or Delete YouTube on Computer search history

Google also keeps track of the videos you've watched and searched for in a comprehensive list.You can use this page to view or delete specific items in your search history—or delete your entire search history at once.

View your YouTube viewing and search history: Go to the YouTube History page in your browser.This is a chronological list of all the videos you searched and viewed.

Delete a specific video: To delete a video from your search history, hover over the entry and click the X.

Delete your entire YouTube search history: To the right of Filter by Date, click Delete, then select the time frame of the video you want to delete, including all time, which will delete all of your video search results.

Automatically delete video searches after a period of time: You can tell Google to delete videos from your search history after a period of time, such as after three, 18, or 36 months.To do this, click Auto delete and select a time frame from the drop-down menu.

Turn off search history: If you don't want Google to remember your YouTube search history, click Save activity, then click Close.


YouTube in Chrome
                         The YouTube History page is a dashboard for managing your YouTube search and viewing history. 

How to View, Pause or Delete YouTube Watch History on Mobile

Google provides some handy tools to view and manage your YouTube viewing history, and the steps are the same whether you're using an iPhone or Android.

View your watch history: In the YouTube mobile app, tap the Library tab at the bottom of the screen, then tap History.

Remove a video from your watch history: If you see a video you want to remove from your watch history, tap the three dots to the right of the video and select Remove from watch history.

Delete or pause your viewing history: At the top of the screen, tap your account icon, then tap Settings.Tap History & Privacy.From here, you can tap Clear Watch History or Pause Watch History by swiping the Pause Watch History button to the right.


YouTube for iOS
                                                      Click the three dots to the right of the video you want to delete from history. 

How to View, Pause or Delete YouTube on Mobile search history

You can use the following features to manage your YouTube search history.

View your search history: Click the search icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right corner.To delete a single search, swipe left on the search query and tap Delete (iOS) or tap and hold the query and tap Delete (Android) in the pop-up window.

Pause your search history: Tap your account icon, then tap Settings.Tap History & Privacy.Then swipe right on the Pause Search History button.

Delete your search history: At the top of the screen, click your account icon, then click Settings.Tap History & Privacy.Finally, tap Clear Search History or Pause Watch History by swiping right on the Pause Watch History button.

YouTube for iOS
                                                    The YouTube mobile app lets you pause or clear your search history. 
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