5 Free Dictation Tools for Windows or macOS

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Dictation is a very useful feature that allows us to type with our voice instead of our hands.There are many types of dictation tools with different functions and prices.Often, the best dictation tools are on the more expensive side.You don't have to spend money to have a decent dictation experience, though.

There are several free dictation tools you can use on your computer for hands-free typing.Read on to see what's in store.


Factors to consider when choosing an OS dictation tool

Before choosing a dictation tool, there are a few things to consider.What you need is the software that best suits your needs, such as a basic dictation tool or an advanced dictation software with extra features.Here are factors to consider when choosing dictation software:

1. Accuracy


When it comes to dictation software, accuracy is key.You don't want to be frustrated when dictating because the software transcribes your words incorrectly after repeating them several times.So if you are going to choose dictation software, choose the one with high accuracy.

2. Compatibility

Not all dictation software works with every device.It goes without saying that you will choose the software that is compatible with your device.However, if you want to use dictation software on multiple devices, you may want to consider a software that is compatible with multiple devices so that you don't have to learn how to use a different software on each device.

3. Ease of use


User experience is one of the factors that determine the success of any software, and dictation software is no exception.You want dictation software that is user-friendly so that you don't need to spend too much time figuring out how to do it.

4. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews can tell you a lot about a product.Before you choose a dictation software, check out the reviews and ratings to see how it performs.They will help you decide whether to go for it or look for something else.

5. Privacy Protection

Protecting personal privacy is of the utmost importance when using software.If you have privacy concerns when using dictation software, please review the privacy policy on the developer's website.It's a good sign if it clearly states the relevant information.

6. Function

Some dictation tools are packed with features, such as language support, integration with Google, and dictation correction, while others are more minimal.Depending on your needs, you can choose dictation software with multiple features or one specific feature.

7. Price


Prices for dictation software vary from affordable to expensive.The more features the dictation software has, the higher the price.In-device dictation software costs nothing, but usually doesn't do much.Choose the software that fits your budget and needs.

1.Apple Dictation


When looking for free dictation software for the Mac, the first thing to consider is Apple Dictation, a free built-in dictation software that's available on every Apple device.Best of all, using dictation on your Mac is easy.Once enabled, you can use it in any software that supports typing, except Google Docs.

While it's lacking in features, don't let that put you off.It supports more than 30 languages, and the accuracy rate is very high, so as long as you can speak clearly, you don't have to worry about too many mistakes.Plus, thanks to Apple's continuity feature, you can also use your iPhone to type text.

If you can't afford paid dictation software for Mac, Apple Dictation is good enough for your dictation needs.

2. Windows Voice Typing

Windows has a built-in speech input tool that you can use to dictate to your computer, it's free, and it's easy to set up and use.If you're using voice typing on Windows 11, it supports more than 30 languages, which is definitely a big plus.

It does a good job of transcribing text to speech, but watch out for those bugs too.It might miss some punctuation and misspelled words, so to be on the safe side, you should proofread after the fact.

One downside of Windows Voice Typing is that it requires an internet connection, which can be a problem if you don't have one.All in all, if you're a Windows user looking for a dictation tool, give Windows Voice Typing a try.

3. Google Docs Voice Typing


Google Docs The voice typing feature of is another great free dictation tool for computers.As the name suggests, it's a built-in tool for Google Docs, so you can enjoy a hands-free typing experience while using the software.Considering that Google Docs doesn't support Apple's dictation feature, this tool is still very useful.

One downside of the Google Docs voice input feature is that it only works on the Google Chrome browser.Also, voice input is slow and doesn't work well when dictating punctuation.

However, as a free software, Google Docs voice input supports more than one hundred languages, and the accuracy is acceptable, which is very suitable for dictating long content.Just make sure you speak clearly and slowly so it can understand you.

To use voice typing in Google Docs, click "Tools," then select "Speech Typing."Click the microphone icon that appears on the left to start dictation.Tap the icon again to stop dictation.Visit the Google Docs editors help page for a full list of voice commands.

4. Dictation.io


Dictation.io is a simple, free online dictation tool that looks like a notebook page.You'll only be able to use it with Google Chrome, though, so you'll have to install the browser if you don't already have it.It's less accurate than Apple Dictation or Google Docs voice input.Like the latter, though, it doesn't support Apple Dictation.

It supports 30 languages, including English, French, Hindi and Spanish.You can insert emoji, special characters, and punctuation using specific commands.

5. speechnotes


Speechnotes only works on Google Chrome, does not support Apple Dictation software, and has a simple user interface.It's a great tool if you're looking for free dictation software that is reasonably accurate.

It's available in a variety of dialects, and there's a helpful list of commands on the right that you can refer to while dictating.However, these commands occasionally fail.For example, a few times when we tried to insert a comma, Speechnotes typed it "karma."

There's a bit of a delay between dictating a word and when it appears on the screen, but that's a small price to pay for an excellent dictation tool.Dictation with Speechnotes is free, but you can also pay $1.9 per month for premium features.

Free dictation software is a good choice

Feature-packed dictation software is great, but most of them cost money and not everyone can afford them.Also, some people don't need these types of dictation software and prefer simple tools that are easily accessible.This is why free dictation software exists as an alternative.

These tools may not have all the features or be as accurate as the paid versions, but they can do most simple jobs.

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