How to request a refund from Apple for the App Store, iTunes, and more

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You've been looking forward to it, only to find out that the app or content you purchased from Apple didn't live up to your expectations, and you may want to request a refund.It's not a big deal, Apple's handy system lets you download from the App Store,iTunesApply for a refund or return at a store, etc.

You can cancel purchases, request refunds, report issues, and more using any device with a web browser.Next, we'll show you how to get fromApp Store,iTunes Store and other app stores to get your money back, whether you're using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC.

About Apple's refund policy

Refundable items include App Store apps and games on the iTunes Store; eBooks from the bookstore; movies, music, and TV shows on the iTunes Store; and various Apple services.Certain subscriptions and in-app purchases may be eligible for refunds.In-app purchases of consumable content such as virtual coins and game upgrades are non-refundable.

Several situations in which you can apply for a refund

1. You are located in the UK or certain EU countries where Apple's content store has a 14-day no-questions-asked refund policy

2. Accidentally bought something

3. Your child bought an item without your knowledge, but you need to prove it in some way

4. You purchased apps or content with the wrong Apple ID account

5. When choosing between multiple apps with the same name, you purchased the wrong app

6. You purchased an incorrect version of the app.For example, you may have inadvertently purchased the iPad version of the app instead of the iPhone version

7. The effect of the application itself is too far from the advertising promotion

What you need to be aware of when requesting a refund

1. If the price of a previously purchased app is permanently cut or temporarily discounted, you will not be able to receive a refund matching the new price

2. If the purchased item is unusable before downloading, your only remedy is a refund

3. In the event of an unreasonable delay in product delivery due to technical problems, you may request a replacement or refund the price paid

4. Consumable in-app purchases, such as in-game virtual goods, are non-refundable

5. Apple Music, iTunes Match and other Apple subscriptions are non-refundable (except as required by applicable law) and will automatically renew until manually cancelled.Other subscription fees are refundable under special circumstances

In conclusion, as long as your reasons are valid and decent, you should be able to get your money back, but you also don't try to get paid apps for free through the refund process, that's not feasible.

How to request a refund for apps, media, etc. from Apple

The refund process is very simple and only takes a few clicks.You'll need to report the problem using Apple's dedicated webpage, provide the reason for your request, and then select an app, subscription, or other item for which you'd like a refund.

Visit Apple's "Report a Problem" webpage


访问, then log in with your Apple ID to begin the process.This dedicated website can be accessed from any computer or mobile device as it is optimized for all screen sizes.

Submit reason for refund

Once logged in, select the menu item labeled "I want a refund" and select "Request a refund."You'll also have to choose why you want a refund, so click on the menu labeled "Tell us more" and choose one of the following options:

1. I didn't mean to buy this

2. Unauthorized purchases by children/minors

3. I did not intend to subscribe

4. I do not plan to renew

5. My purchases are not as expected

6. Not receiving in-app purchases

7. Others

Choose the description that matches your situation and continue to the next step.

Find the item to be refunded


The webpage will now list all your recent purchases and downloads.Check the box next to the item in your purchase history for which you want to request a refund.

Submit your refund request


Finally, click the "Submit" button at the top.However, not everything is pre-approved for refunds.If this is the case for your item, you may be asked to describe the problem in detail in the box in your own language.In any case, Apple folks look at this description to decide if you should get a refund.

Check the status of your claim


Apple may accept or deny your request.If accepted, you will be refunded the full price of the item to your registered payment method.Apple's support team may follow up with more questions to clarify the situation, sometimes even looping through app developers.

If your request is denied, Apple will tell you why.Check your inbox at any time for an email from Apple Support, or visit the "Report a Problem" website and click the link "Check Claim Status" to see the status of all pending requests.

If Apple is processing your submission, you will see "Pending".

Things to Know About Refund Eligibility

1. Pending Charges: Charges may still be pending.After your payment method has been charged the full price of the item, please try to request a refund again.

2. Unpaid Orders: A single unpaid order will prevent you from requesting a refund.Please update the payment information on file and try again.

3. Family Purchases: If you use Apple's Family Sharing feature and are the family organizer, all purchases from family members will be charged to your shared payment method.View a family member's purchases by selecting a family member from the menu.

As mentioned, you can also request refunds for certain subscriptions and in-app purchases.

Other ways to request a refund

You can also request a refund by clicking the link in the Apple invoice email.Alternatively, launch the App Store or iTunes Store, Mac App Store, Books Store, iTunes for Windows, or the "TV" or "Music" app on your Mac and select Account > View My Account.Now click the "View All" link next to the "Purchase History" heading and select "Report a Problem."However, this is just a link that takes you to the "Report a Problem" site, so going directly to that site may be your best option.

In most cases, you should be able to get your money back.However, keep in mind that the outcome will be entirely at Apple's discretion.



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