How to Install Firefox Add-ons on Android

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For a long time, only desktop users had access to an enhanced Firefox browsing experience through extra features like add-ons.Android users missed that opportunity, but not now.Firefox for Android now allows you to install select add-ons that help you customize your web experience and improve your productivity.

Let's take a look at how to set up add-ons and which ones are best for getting started.


Install add-ons on Firefox for Android

Firefox is one of the best web browsers for Android.Previously, installing add-ons could only be done on the desktop, but now the app lets you use this feature on Android.To use supported extensions, install the latest version from the Google Play Store Firefox for Android.If you already have the app on your device, make sure to update it.

1. Launch the Firefox application, tap the 3-dot menu button, and select Add-ons.




2. Scroll through the list of supported add-ons and when you find one you like, tap the + icon on the far right of the screen to install it.

3. Click the Add button to confirm installation of the selected add-on.In the same overlay, you will be informed about the permission requirements of the add-on.

4. Wait for the download and verification process to complete.When it's done, you'll see an overlay at the bottom with a confirmation message.Here, you can check the "Allow in private browsing" box to allow the add-on to run in incognito mode.

5. Finally, click the "OK, I got it" button to complete the process.




How to Uninstall Firefox Add-ons on Android

If you wish to remove a specific add-on that you have installed, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Firefox application home page, click the 3-dot menu button, and select the "Add-ons" option to open a full list of all add-ons.If you open the menu on a web page instead of the home page, click the "Add-ons Manager" option as an extra step.

2. Tap to select the add-on you want to remove.This will open the options page in the next screen.


3. From this page, you can temporarily disable the add-on instead of uninstalling it.Also, you can view its details and permissions.Some add-ons provide configurable settings here.

4. To uninstall the add-on, click the "Remove" button and you will receive a confirmation message when the uninstall is complete.

A Refreshed Browsing Experience

Browser add-ons, plug-ins or extensions play an important role in extending the functionality of your favorite web browser.With these add-ons coming to Android devices, the browsing experience will be better than ever.Hopefully, Firefox for Android will expand the list of supported add-ons so everyone can find their best option.

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