Why does my Apple Watch stop charging above 80%?

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What if you are Apple Watch new users, you may find Apple Watch It stops charging when it reaches 80%.


This is because of the default optimized battery charging feature.We'll take a closer look at the feature and how to disable it.

What is Optimized Battery Charging?


Rechargeable batteries don't last forever.The amount of charge a battery can hold decreases over time due to a number of factors including age, temperature, and charging time.

This means the battery won't last as long on a charge when it's in a brand new state.Eventually, the Apple Watch's lithium-ion battery will simply not be able to hold a charge.

Like Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone and Mac, this Apple Watch feature is designed to help extend battery life.

It reduces battery drain by reducing the time it takes the Apple Watch to fully charge.

The feature is turned on by default on any Apple Watch using watchOS 7, and in some cases, it can delay charging beyond 80%.Even when the watch is on the charger, it will keep charging between 75% and 80% of the time.

Using on-device machine learning, the feature will learn your daily habits and only activate when the feature predicts that your Apple Watch will be on a charge for an extended period of time.

How to Fully Charge Your Apple Watch by a Scheduled Time


With Optimized Battery Charging turned on, you can easily charge your watch to 100 percent ahead of schedule.

With your Apple Watch on the charger, tap the watch to display the charging screen, then tap the circle with the green or yellow charging icon.You'll see a message on the screen showing when charging is scheduled to be complete.But you can choose "full charge now".

How to Disable Optimized Battery Charging


On most Apple Watch models, you can disable Optimized Battery Charging entirely if you wish. The Apple Watch Ultra is an exception because "Optimized Battery Charging" is always on.

On Apple Watch, go to Settings > Battery.Select "Battery Health," then toggle off "Optimize Battery Charging."

Improve Apple Watch Battery Life

The battery is an important part of the Apple Watch hardware.Use the Optimize Battery Charging feature to help extend the life of your battery.

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