How to change Steam's default language

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As the most popular gaming platform, Steam allows users around the world to change the default language.

Maybe you want to change the language of Steam so you can browse and use the platform more efficiently.Or maybe you want to practice a foreign language and incorporate Steam games into your language learning routine.As of this writing, Steam officially supports 29 languages, covering many of the platform's features, so chances are you'll find what you're looking for.

Whatever your reason, you can change Steam's default language by following the steps below.


How to Change Steam Language on Desktop

Even though Steam is the most popular platform for gaming, there are occasional issues.When this happens, it can be helpful to change the Steam language so you can better understand the problem and resolve it faster.

You can change its language by:

1. Start the Steam client.

2. Open the Steam menu from the top left corner and select "Settings".

3. Click Interface in the left pane.

4. Open the drop down menu below to choose the language you want Steam to use, and choose a new language.

5. Click OK.Steam will now notify you that the application must be restarted to make changes.

6. Click Restart Steam and you will be able to use the application in your preferred language.


How to Change Steam Language Online

Steam does not synchronize language changes across multiple platforms.However, the process of changing the language of the web on Steam is very simple.Click on the user name to enter "Select Language".There, choose the option that suits your preferences.


Now, if you need more control over your language settings, you have to log in first.Then, click on your username and go to Preferences.Open the "Language Preferences" menu.

Use the "Primary" section to select your preferred language.If your preferred language is not common among game developers, it's a good idea to select an option from the Secondary languages ​​section.


That way, you can still display store page descriptions or user reviews in a language you understand or want to learn.

How to Change Steam Language on Mobile

If you don't want to miss out on Steam's best deals, or want to keep up with gaming community news, chances are you're using the Steam mobile app.In this case, here's how to change the language of the Steam mobile app:

1. Launch Steam.

2. Tap the hamburger menu in the lower right corner.

3. Go to "Settings".

4. Open the menu next to Language.

5. Select a new option.Changes should be instant without restarting the application.

How to Change the Steam Language for a Specific Game

If you share your Steam account with other people, it might make sense to change the default language for individual games.To do this, right click on the game whose language you want to change and select "Properties".Then, in the "General" tab, use the drop-down menu next to "Language" to choose your preferred option.


Right now, you may not find the language you need.You can check the game's Steam page to see which languages ​​are available.

Easily change Steam language

Now you know how to change the default language for desktop, web, mobile apps, and individual games on Steam.The process is easy, and if you change your mind, you can always undo your changes.

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