6 Ways to Check Your Mac's Free Space

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Sometimes, you may wonder how much free space is left on your Mac's internal hard drive.For example, if you have a huge file to download, or several movies and videos to transfer to your Mac, it can be helpful to know how much storage you have available.

This practical tutorial will show you how to check your Mac's storage space.You can also use these methods to find out how much space is available on an external hard drive connected to your Mac.


1. About this Mac and system settings

Using the "About This Mac" window is a quick and easy way to check your Mac's storage space.The specific operation is as follows:

1. Go to Apple menu > About This Mac from the menu bar.

2. Click "More Information" in the window that appears.


3. Your Mac will direct you to the "About" section of System Settings.

4. Scroll down to the very end of the page to find the hard drive icon, and you'll see how much storage space is left on your Mac.


From the same menu, you can click "Storage Settings" to see a breakdown of how your Mac's storage is being used.Click All Volumes to also view storage information for external hard drives connected to your Mac.

2. View system information

System Information is another built-in tool that lets you easily get storage details for your Mac's hard drive, solid-state drive, or other connected drives.The specific method is as follows:

1. Hold down the Option key and click the Apple menu in the menu bar.

2. Select "System Information".

3. Expand the Hardware section.

4. Click "Storage" to view the hard disk capacity, free space and other related information.


3. Use Get Info in Finder

To use this feature, make sure Show Mac's drives in Finder sidebar is selected.If not, open Finder and go to Finder > Settings from the menu bar.Then click on the sidebar and make sure your Mac's name is selected under "Where."

Once complete, follow the steps below to view storage information:

1. Click the name of your Mac under "Places" in the Finder sidebar.

2. Control-click the main volume and select Get Info.

3. Expand the General category to view the total and usable capacity.


You can follow the same steps to view the free space on any other connected USB drives, hard drives, or solid-state drives.

4. Use Disk Utility to view hard disk details

Disk Utility is a great helper for viewing all the information about your disk.Here's how to check a storage device with Disk Utility:

1. Type "Disk Utility" in Spotlight (Command + Space) and hit "Back".

2. The sidebar will divide the hard drive into internal hard drive and external hard drive.

3. Select a storage volume to see how much space it has.


5. Use Quick Find on the desktop

You can use Quick Find in Finder or on the desktop.But to do that, first make sure you're in Finder, then click Finder > Settings from the menu bar.

Then, enable Hard Disk in the "Show these items on the desktop" section of the General tab.It will now start displaying the Mac's internal hard drive icon on the desktop.

Once the internal hard drive icon appears on the Mac desktop, click to select it and press the Space key.This will show the total storage size and remaining free space in the quick view popup.


6. Run a terminal command

If you're comfortable using the Terminal, you can use commands to determine how much space is available on your Mac.Start by opening a terminal on your Mac.Then, type or copy and paste this command and press Return: df -h

It will display the size of each volume on your Mac.In most cases, the data in /System/Volumes/Data will represent the used and unused space of the main volume.


You can also choose to copy the file path from the terminal (/System/Volumes/Data), enter Finder, press Command + Shift + G, paste the copied folder location, and then click Return to view the volume where the drive data is located.

Easily Check Mac Free Space

That's all there is to using macOS's built-in tools to check the total free space on your Mac's internal hard drive or other external hard drives connected to your Mac.These tips will come in handy for most people, and one of the above methods should help you the next time you need to check your Mac's free space.

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