How to Save Zoom Chat Information

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Did you know that Zoom allows you to record and save chats from video calls and meetings?An entire Zoom meeting chat transcript can be saved with just a few clicks, and it makes sense to save every Zoom chat transcript.Here's what you need to know.


Why save Zoom chat messages?

There are many reasons to save the entire chat history of a Zoom call.Here's why you should save your Zoom chat history.

1. Access important information shared in Zoom chats

In addition to sharing a Zoom screen, the host of a Zoom meeting may also share important information.We often fail to take notes, which we later regret.Saving a copy of the Zoom chat transcript saves the hassle of manually duplicating things like links and tips shared by the host or other members of the group.

2. Increase social connection

Saving your Zoom chat history is a great way to stay connected socially.Once the chat history is saved, you can record the names of other participants in the Zoom call and what they shared during the meeting for quick future reference.

3. Make connections

If you're looking to broaden your professional network, saving your Zoom chat history is a great place to start, especially if you have multiple meetings like this each week and it becomes difficult or complicated to keep track of.They allow you to seamlessly return to the Zoom chat conversation.

4. Document your contributions

The great thing about saving Zoom chats is that they can be used to track your progress in your professional life.They can give you a glimpse into your past contributions, in case you need to look back at what you said or thought you shared.

How to Save Zoom Chat History

Here's how to save your Zoom chat history:

1. In a Zoom meeting, click the chat icon in the video call to open the chat sub-window.

2. At the bottom of the chat panel, below the area for entering chat messages, you'll see icons for Format, File, and Add Emoji.

3. Tap the three-dot menu to expand its options.


4. Tap Save Chat.


When you save a Zoom chat, everything shared through the chat up to that point is saved.So it's a good idea to save your Zoom chat history regularly, otherwise you risk losing everything if you forget to save when the Zoom call ends.

It's important to note that newer saves will overwrite earlier saved chats in the same Zoom meeting.

Where are Zoom chat backups kept?

When saving a Zoom chat transcript, a separate folder is created to save the chat transcript.By default, your Zoom chats are saved in the following locations on Windows and Mac PCs:

Your documents folder > Zoom > Folder for specific Zoom meeting

The Easy Way to Save Zoom Chat History

Just one change to the way you talk on Zoom can dramatically increase your productivity.Saving a Zoom chat history allows you to easily go back and review what was shared in a Zoom chat.

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