The 10 best apps for productivity on Windows 11 or 5

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Distractions and casual derailments can take you longer to complete tasks and lead to many small mistakes in your work.In fact, according to one study, being unproductive causes twice as many mistakes and annoys you more.


While technology is largely responsible for creating the productivity crisis, it also offers a range of solutions.When it comes to Windows, you're in luck.We've scoured many options and picked the best of the best in this short list.

1. Focus To-Do


According to research by the Association for Psychological Research, even small blips or breaks at work can cause you to waste time and ultimately reduce the quality of your work.

So, in this case, working longer hours will cost you more money, time and resources, while also making it less rewarding for the resources you spend.

That's where Focus To-Do can help you.We believe it's one of the best science-based productivity tools to help you stay focused and tick off your checklists.Here are a few features that make this tool shine:

1. Simple Pomodoro menu to help you focus on tasks within a specific time.

2. To-do list to help you keep track of all tasks.

3. Separate "Projects" section to help you bundle different tasks together for upcoming or major tasks.

4. Pomodoro tasks can be added with white noise.

The features listed above, and a few others, are settings that help keep track of your work.Also, if you buy the premium version, you get lots of additional features like cloud backup, integration with all your devices, and more.

Download: Focus To-Do (Free, paid version available)



It is often said that people are nothing but a bunch of habits.It would be great if forming (and maintaining) a habit was as easy as brushing your teeth.But sadly, it's not that easy.

In fact, all the hype has been said about how to form new habits, but most people are still stuck in their bad habits.In fact, while there is no silver bullet for all problems, many methods can help.

One of the popular ways to do this is by using a habit tracking app.For this, we chose ClickUp as our habit tracking and creation tool.It provides a habit tracking template for those looking to develop and maintain their own habits.Here are a few things that ClickUp habit tracking software can help you with:

1. Set goals and track the progress of the new habit.

2. Visualization tools show goals and results in real time.

3. Check workload against daily goals.

Of course, like usual productivity tools, ClickUp also offers a ton of other handy tools.These tools include work management, chat integration, track lists, manage workflow, and more.

Download: Click Up (Free, paid version available)

3 Freedom


Freedom is a website and app blocker that helps you cut out all the distractions while you work on your important tasks.

You can use Freedom to block out all distractions, get the most work done, be more productive, and gain more control over your time.

Here are a few unique features that make Freedom stand out:

1. Block all social media sites - Facebook, YouTube, ESPN, Twitter, etc.

2. Get rid of app notifications from games to social media and save your time.

3. You can sync the app across devices to take full advantage of free sessions.

4. The convenient scheduling function can help you create repetitive and efficient sessions.

If you're particularly prone to thoughts and emotions and find yourself doomed for a quick dopamine hit, then you'll find Freedom to be a great addition to your productivity toolkit.

Download: Freedom (Free, paid version available)

4. BitWarden

Are you tired of logging in and out of your most visited websites or apps?If you're looking for a workaround, many sites will probably tell you -- and maybe you already do -- to save your login credentials in your browser.

While this solves your first problem, other complications (mostly security-related) arise with it.We know that browser-based password managers are convenient, but that ease of use sacrifices your security against unauthorized access and malware/phishing attacks.

This is where a credential manager like BitWarden can help you.It is an open-source password manager that allows you to easily store credentials and other sensitive information.Some features of BitWarden you might like:

1. Store passwords on multiple devices without any issues.

2. Open source, which means you can trust the code behind the app.

3. With end-to-end encryption function by default.

4. Simple design, easy to use, you can get started in a few minutes.

5. Access your credentials blazing fast with autofill and biometrics.

The app is available in three versions: Free, Premium and Family.So you can try the free version before deciding whether to buy the paid version.

Download: Bitwarden (Free, paid version available)

5. Notation

Notion has taken the productivity software world by storm.When it comes to Notion, the first thing people think of is taking notes, but there are many other things you can do with it.For example, you can design your workspace to organize your tasks and your life.

Plus, create content calendars, write blog posts, even keep track of important events with the form below, and more.This one app can do a lot by itself.

Download: Notion (free, there is a paid version)

The Best Apps for Productivity on Windows

Productivity is all about maximizing efficiency and achieving maximum output in a given amount of time.Technology is one of the best ways to do this, but it has its own attention traps.Thankfully, if you start using the aforementioned apps today, you can drastically reduce distractions and shorten your workday.

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