How to Mirror Apple Watch Screen to iPhone

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Whether you want a bigger view of what's going on on your wrist or show off your favorite watch face, you can simply attach the Apple Watch mirror your screen directly to your iPhone.

This handy feature lets you zoom in Apple Watch display, and even control your wearable directly from your iPhone.Here's how to mirror your Apple Watch's display to your iPhone!


Enable Apple Watch Mirroring on iPhone

To mirror your Apple Watch to your iPhone, you need an Apple Watch Series 6 or later.Follow these simple instructions to enable Apple Watch mirroring on your iPhone:

1. Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility.

3. Find and tap Apple Watch Mirroring.

4. In the following menu, toggle Apple Watch mirroring.





Control Apple Watch with iPhone

With Apple Watch mirroring turned on, you can control the watch with your iPhone.You can tap icons, scroll and open watchOS apps directly from your iPhone.

While the Apple Watch mirroring feature has limited benefits for ordinary users, this accessibility feature gives people with disabilities full control over the device.

When you mirror your Apple Watch screen to your iPhone, you can access additional accessibility features like Switch and Voice Control.This allows users to control the watch without touching it by accessing tools through voice actions, voice commands, or a switch designed specifically for the iPhone.

Have fun mirroring your Apple Watch screen

Mirroring your Apple Watch's screen allows you to see what's on it, but more importantly, it's an accessibility tool for people with disabilities.

For the average person, the larger viewing angle of the Apple Watch screen is cool for sharing what you see with others and showing off its latest features, from fitness rings to heartbeat trackers.

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