How to Remove Duplicate Slides in PowerPoint

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It is crucial to check for duplicate slides.If you end up with duplicate slides in your presentation, you could be embarrassing during an important presentation.Fortunately, removing Power point Repeating slides in presentations is easy.

Power point There is no built-in tool for removing duplicate slideshows.However, there are some workarounds that can help you find and delete duplicate slides in minutes.


How to Find Duplicate Slides in PowerPoint

You probably want to produce a professional presentation as quickly as possible.But because PowerPoint doesn't provide a native feature for identifying duplicate slides, you have to manually browse through your presentation to search for duplicate slides.

While this isn't a huge problem for smaller presentations, manually searching for duplicate slides can be time consuming if you have hundreds of slides in the presentation.

To find duplicate slides in a presentation with many slides, you can change the view of the presentation so that it shows more than one slide.

How to View Multiple Slides Using the Slide Sorter

You can use the Slide Sequencer feature to view multiple slides at the same time in the following ways:

1. Open a PowerPoint presentation.

2. Go to the View section in the ribbon and click Slide Sorter.


3. You will see the slide show spread across the screen.

4. If there are many slides in the presentation, slide the bar from the bottom right corner to the left to zoom.


If you want to see more slides, just zoom in.But it's best to zoom in only so far that you can view the slide content and identify duplicates.When you have too many slides in a presentation, a good strategy is to find and delete duplicate slides in batches.

Once zoomed in to fit as many slides as possible on the screen while viewing the slide content, select the duplicate slides and delete them.Then move on to the next batch, and repeat.

How to Remove Duplicate Slides in PowerPoint

Once you find duplicate slides in your presentation, start removing them.You can delete duplicate slides individually, or select multiple slides to delete at once.

Before you start removing duplicate slides, it's a good idea to create a copy of your presentation first, in case you delete important slides by mistake.

You can also use the Ctrl + Z shortcut when deleting a slide to undelete the slide.However, Microsoft Office applications have undo limitations, so Ctrl + Z, while useful, is not reliable when working on important presentations.

How to delete a single slide in PowerPoint

Right-click the slide you want to delete, and click Delete Slide.


You can also directly select the slide to delete and press the Delete or Backspace key.

How to Delete Multiple Slides in PowerPoint

To delete multiple slides:

1. Select the slideshow to delete.

2. Hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key and select all duplicate slides to delete.

3. Right-click the selected slide and click Delete Slide.Or press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard to delete the selected slide.


remove duplicate slides

Checking for and removing duplicate slides is key to avoiding embarrassment during important presentations.When creating the final copy of your presentation, use the methods above to ensure that there are no duplicate slides in the final copy.

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