How to Fix Apple Watch Not Recording Workouts Accurately

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Apple Watch An excellent device for tracking workouts and activity.Sometimes, though, it pauses in the middle of an activity, which means it won't track your workout properly.If you've ever encountered this frustrating issue, here are some fixes you can try.


Check if auto-pause is enabled and turn it off

Apple Watch The most obvious reason for a pause is when the auto-pause feature kicks in.This feature automatically pauses the watch if you stop moving during a workout (except for running workouts controlled by a connected treadmill).

Turn the feature off and manually control when to pause your workout through the Watch app on your iPhone.In the "My Watch" tab, scroll down to "Workouts."Find the Auto Suspend switch and toggle it to Off.




Check to see if the Apple Watch software has been updated

Apple periodically releases software updates for its products and we recommend that you always install these updates to ensure that the performance of your Apple Watch is not adversely affected.

Check and update your Apple Watch to the latest watchOS to keep everything running smoothly.

Restart Apple Watch

It might sound like a cliché, but simply turning off the Apple Watch and restarting it can solve the problem.

You can also go a step further and reset your Apple Watch to see if that fixes the problem.

Check and disable wrist detection settings

Wrist detection on your Apple Watch will lock your watch with a passcode when you're not wearing it.While this is an excellent way to keep personal data safe, it can cause you to pause your workout if the watch senses that you've removed it from your wrist.

You can change these settings in the iPhone's Watch app by going to My Watch > Passcode > Wrist Detection, then turn off the feature while exercising.Since you'll lose a lot of functionality, it's best to just stop this functionality temporarily.




Check Bluetooth connectivity between watch and iPhone

Apple Watch communicates with iPhone using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, using Bluetooth when the device is in close proximity.If you don't properly connect your watch to your iPhone, or if there is interference with the Bluetooth signal, it may cause your workout to pause.

Quickly check your phone's connection status using the iPhone's Control Center, and the four icons in the upper left corner instantly show WLAN and Bluetooth status, as well as Airplane and Cellular modes.Make sure your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both turned on.

You can also see the watch's connection status in the Apple Watch Control Center.Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to use.At the top, you'll see a little iPhone symbol.If the connection is OK, the symbol is green; if the connection is lost, the symbol is red with a line through it.

Tap the iPhone sound icon at the top right of Apple Watch Control Center to test it.If the device is connected, the iPhone will make a "ping" sound.


Check Apple Watch battery level

If your Apple Watch battery is low, this may cause your workout to pause.

Check that the Apple Watch band fits

If your Apple Watch is too loose on your wrist, it may not track your heart rate properly, which can easily cause your workout to pause.Some straps are better for sports than others, especially the stretchy woven Solo Loop strap, which tends to come loose over time.

The simple solution is to adjust or replace the strap to make sure it fits securely.


Check to see if clothing is accidentally interfering with your Apple Watch

Perhaps the easiest solution is to check for any interference with the Apple Watch's contact with your wrist.If you're exercising with long sleeves, this could be the problem.

Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all of these fixes and still cannot find a solution, please contact Apple Support CenterFor further assistance.It could be that your Apple Watch is malfunctioning and the sensors are not detecting your movement accurately.

Make Sure Your Apple Watch Accurately Records All Your Workouts

There's nothing more frustrating than working hard during a workout, only to check your wrist only to find that your Apple Watch is half-paused and your efforts aren't being recorded.With the methods above, you should once again be able to accurately log all your workouts.

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