How to use the Google Pixel's macro focus feature

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Google's Pixel phones are known for their excellent imaging performance.But in addition to regular photos, you can also take stunning macro photos or videos with the Google Pixel 7 Pro.In macro mode, you can get very close to your subject and capture details that are invisible in ordinary photos.

Sounds interesting?Follow this guide to learn how to Google Pixel use the macro focus function.


Google Pixel Macro Focus: What You Need to Know

Only the Google Pixel 7 Pro has macro photography.Its smaller sibling doesn't have macro capabilities.As for the Pixel 6 series, none of the models have macro capabilities.You can use the Pixel 6 Pro's telephoto lens to take "fake" macro photos, but the results can't compare to a dedicated macro camera.

On the Pixel 7 Pro, the ultra-wide camera doubles as a macro shooter, allowing you to capture images as close as 3cm to your subject.Since the sensor is significantly smaller than the 5000-megapixel main camera, don't expect impressive results in low light.Captured image quality is mediocre at best, and in low-light situations, there can be a lot of noise.

When the Pixel 7 Pro launched, it could only take macro photos.However, with the release of the June 2023 feature, Google has also added the ability to record macro videos.

With the exception of the Pixel 7 Pro, none of the previous Pixel phones had the necessary hardware to take macro photos or videos.Some third-party apps may claim to replicate the functionality of a macro camera, but it won't come close.

How to Take Macro Photos on the Google Pixel 7 Pro

Taking macro photos on the Google Pixel 7 Pro doesn't require any third-party apps.In fact, you have to use the native Google Camera app.

1. Open the Google Camera app on your Pixel 7 Pro.

2. Tap the Settings button in the upper left corner.

3. Make sure Macro Focus Mode is set to Auto or Enabled.

4. Move the phone closer to the subject you want to take a macro shot.

5. Google Camera will automatically switch to macro focus mode.A flower icon will appear in the viewfinder to indicate this.

6. If the phone has difficulty focusing on the subject, tap the area you want to focus on.If not, repeat steps 4 and 5 above.If it's too close, try moving back a bit.

7. Press the shutter button to capture the image.




In some cases, you may not want to trigger macro mode.Just tap the flower icon that appears in the viewfinder of the camera app to turn off the feature.

How to Record Macro Videos with the Google Pixel 7 Pro

When recording macro videos, avoid moving your phone too far away from your subject.The Pixel 7 Pro doesn't automatically switch between macro and normal modes when shooting video.Likewise, the phone won't switch to macro mode when you hold the phone close to an object while recording a video.

1. Open the Google Camera app on Pixel 7 Pro and switch to video mode.

2. Move the phone within 3 cm of the subject.This will trigger macro focus mode.If not, you should see a flower icon, tap it to enable the macro feature.

3. Press the record button to start recording video.Stop if you want.



The Pixel 7 Pro can record macro videos at up to 4K resolution.Make sure there is good lighting, though, or the video will be quite noisy.

Macro photos look stunning when taken properly

Taking a macro photo requires more effort than a normal photo.But done right, macro photos can look stunning and allow you to capture your subjects in ways you haven't seen before.



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