How to Find Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger

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you know Facebook Messenger Will some information be hidden by default?While you can see messages from your friends and contacts right away, the service hides some low-quality messages that you might not want to interact with.

We will show you how to Facebook Messenger View hidden information on the Internet and provide tips for controlling how this information is viewed.


How to See Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger

The menu for accessing hidden Facebook messages is unobtrusive, but easy to open.

To access it on desktop, click the Messenger icon in the upper right of Facebook to open the list of messages, then swipe "View All in Messenger" at the bottom of the list.On the page that opens, tap the three-dot button at the top left of the screen and select "Message Request."This will change the sidebar view to show requests instead of your active dialog.


To view hidden messages in your phone's Messenger app, tap the hamburger menu in the upper left corner and select "Message Requests" from the menu.Below we'll use the desktop version for instructions, but the same method works for the mobile app as well.

Reply to hidden mail and spam

When you open this menu using either method, two tabs appear: You May Know and Spam.You probably know that "saves messages from friends of friends or people that Facebook thinks you might be connected to." Spam, as the name suggests, filters messages from people you have no relationship with.

For both types, you can read the messages the other party sends you.You'll see basic info about the person at the top of the chat, like where they live and if they're connected in any way on Facebook.


They won't be able to see if you read their message or know when you're online on Messenger until you reply.Once you reply, Messenger will transfer the chat to your main inbox and treat it like any other chat.The other person can see your online status, know through the Messenger icon that you've read their message, and can call you.

For messages that don't interest you, click the "I don't want to hear from [name]" link above the reply box.


You can then choose to delete the chat (good for cleaning up your request inbox) or block the person (useful if they keep messaging you).Either way, the other person won't know you're doing it.

To delete multiple requests at once, click the pencil icon above the message list to reveal checkboxes next to all threads.Check the box for each request you want to delete, then select Delete to delete it.

How to Control Which Facebook Messages Go to the Request Bar

If this is your first time entering your information request box, you may be surprised how much information there is.If you find that too many messages are being filtered out, or that messages that should have been filtered end up in your main inbox, you can adjust how Messenger handles them.

To do this on desktop, click the three-dot menu in the upper left corner of the chat page and select Preferences.From that menu, click "Manage Messaging," which will take you to the "Privacy" page of Facebook's main settings menu.The relevant settings are in the "How to get message requests" section at the bottom.


To view it on your phone's Messenger app, slide out the left menu, tap the "Settings" cog, then go to "Privacy & Security" > "Messaging."

Please note that in addition to the controls below, Facebook will also move messages detected to be in violation of its Community Standards to Spam.Plus, people from Marketplace, Facebook Friendships, or Facebook Jobs can message you directly.

Potential Contact: Legal Request

In the Potential Contacts section, you can choose how to handle requests for information from people with your phone number and Facebook friends.The former includes anyone who has your number on their phone and uploaded it to Facebook, even if they're not your Facebook friends.This is important because you can use Messenger without Facebook.

For both options, select Send new messages to chat (your main inbox), Message requests, or Don't receive requests to block them.

Others: probably spam

In the "Other people" section, you can choose to have the information go to "Information Requests," or block them by choosing "Don't receive requests." Other people on Facebook includes anyone you don't have a connection with.

Since Messenger now works across Facebook and Instagram, account toggles on Instagram can control who you connect with from other apps.If you're viewing these controls in the mobile Messenger app, tap Add Your Instagram Account to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts for a more seamless experience.




How to view archived messages on Messenger

Archived chats are one of Messenger's lesser known but very useful features.Once archived, the conversation is removed from the inbox but remains active.The next time someone sends a message in a chat, it will reappear in your main list.

To archive a chat in Messenger, click the three-dot button next to the chat that appears in the list and select Archive Chat.In the mobile app, long-press on a conversation in your inbox to see this option.

To view all archived chats in one place, click the three-dot button in the upper left corner and select Archived Chats.From there, you can click the three-dot button on the chat again and select Unarchive the chat to put it back in your inbox, or delete the chat if you've already deleted it.


This helps reduce clutter in the information list without deleting the topic if needed later.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

To complete our discussion on managing hidden and unread messages on Messenger, don't forget that you can block people on Messenger to prevent them from contacting you.To access this page, click the same three-dot menu in Messenger, then select Preferences > Manage Blocks.This will take you to the "Block" tab of Facebook settings.

This page includes several ways to block people; select Block Info and search for anyone you want to block.These people will not be able to reach you on Messenger, but will still be able to reach you on Facebook.If you don't want to hear from them at all, you can add them to a blocked user list.


Find hidden messages on Facebook Messenger

We've covered all the ways to find hidden messages in Messenger, and how to control the messages you receive.

Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger can't show only unread messages.While this option used to exist, it no longer exists in the latest version, so you can only manually check for unread messages.

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