What is Llama 2 and how do I use it?

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From OpenAI's GPT-4 to Google's PalM 2, large language models dominate tech headlines.Each new model promises to be better and more powerful than the previous one, sometimes surpassing any existing competition.

However, the number of existing models has not slowed down the emergence of new models.Now, Facebook's parent company, Meta, has released llama 2, a powerful new language model.but llama 2 What's unique about it?How is it different from models like GPT-4, PaLM 2, and Claude 2?


What is Llama 2?

Llama 2 is a large-scale language model that is the product of an unusual alliance between Meta and Microsoft, two competing tech giants that lead in AI research.It is the successor to the Llama 2023 language model released by Meta in the first quarter of 1.

Arguably, it's the equivalent of Google's PaLM 2, OpenAIs' GPT-4, and Anthropic's Claude 2.It was trained on a large publicly available internet dataset, which has the advantage of being newer and more diverse than the dataset used to train Llama1. Llama 2 has 40% more training data than the previous generation, and the context length has also doubled (4k).

If you've had a chance to interact with Llama 1 in the past but weren't impressed with its output, Llama 2 does a better job than the former and might be just what you need.But how does it fare against outside competitors?

How does Llama 2 compare to the competition?


It depends on who its competitors are.First, Llama 2 is an open source project.This means that Meta publishes the entire model, which anyone can use to build new models or applications.If you compare Llama 2 with other major open source language models like Falcon or MBT, you'll see that it outperforms them on several metrics.It can be said that Llama 2 is one of the most powerful open source large-scale language models currently on the market.

However, when facing giants such as OpenAI's GPT and Google's Palm series of artificial intelligence models, Llama 2 lost its advantage.The Llama 2 was hit and miss when it came to tasks that required creativity.Depending on which version you test, you may not get similar results from the Anthropic and OpenAI models.

Speaking of which, the Llama 2 is primarily a "base model" rather than a "fine-tuned model".The base model is a large language model built with possible future adaptability in mind.They are not fine-tuned for any particular domain, but built to be able to handle a wide range of tasks, albeit with limited capabilities at times.

On the other hand, fine-tuning a model is to make adjustments to the base model to improve its efficiency in a specific domain.This is like fine-tuning a basic model like GPT into ChatGPT, so that the general public can also use it.

How to use Llama 2 now

While Llama 2 is not available on public-facing platforms like ChatGPT, you can still download a copy of the model and run it locally, or access it through a Hugging Face cloud-hosted instance.

To access Llama on Hugging Face, simply open the appropriate Hugging Face link below and start prompting the AI ​​chatbot.

1. 7B Parameter Llama-2 Chat

2. 13B Parameter Llama-2 Chat

3. 70B Parameter Llama-2 Chat

The above Llama model has been fine-tuned for conversational applications, so it is the closest Llama-2 model to ChatGPT.Not sure which version to try?We recommend option three, the Llama-70 chat system with 2B parameters.You can still try all three modes to see which works best for your unique needs.

We tried Meta's 70B parameter Llama-2 chat system and the results were impressive.To test its creativity and sense of humor, we gave it our signature creativity and sarcasm test.We asked the AI ​​model to simulate a conversation between two people arguing about the benefits of going to space, and here are the results:


Next is:




It didn't get all the details of our description right, but its sense of humor was impressive.

On the other hand, if you have the technical depth to run Llama models locally on your computer, you can use Meta's Llama Visit Request FormRequest access to the model.After providing your name, email, location, and organization name, Meta will review your application and then deny or grant access within a few hours to two days.

Llama 2: An important first step

Llama 2 may not be the most sophisticated language model out there, but because it's open source, it represents an important first step toward transparent, progressive AI.

While OpenAI GPT currently boasts better performance, OpenAI's walled-garden approach to development means the growth and speed of development of the model is controlled by the company.With an open-source model like Llama's, the wider open-source community can iterate and innovate and build new products that wouldn't be possible in a walled-garden system.

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