How to Use Lists to Organize Contacts on iPhone

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Apple offers a way to group contacts into lists so you can organize contacts by category.With lists, you can group your saved contacts into groups, such as "friends" or "colleagues," so you don't have to scroll through your contact list again when trying to reach them.

There are other functional benefits to grouping contacts into lists, which we'll highlight here.We'll tell you how to get started, and why you should consider creating lists to organize your contacts.


Why is a contact list useful?

The most obvious benefit of an address book list is that it saves you the time of scrolling or searching through all your contacts whenever you want to find some similar contacts.However, there are also some iOS features that can take advantage of lists to increase your productivity.

For example, you can send emails and messages to all contacts in your list.All you have to do is long press the list on the list page (opens the Contacts app) and select "Message All" or "Email All".




But that's not all.When you customize your iPhone's Focus settings, you can add a list of people who can reach you while in Focus.So you can have a list of all your colleagues and exclude them from your work focus block.When you update the list, you don't have to go back to the Focus setting and exclude new people you added.

How to Manage Contacts on iPhone

You can create an address book from the "Contacts" section of the Phone app.Alternatively, you can also use the dedicated Contacts app to create an address book.Follow the instructions below to create a list and add contacts:

1. Tap the list in the upper left corner, and you will find that you have entered the page where all lists are located.

2. Tap Add List in the upper right corner, then choose where you want to back up the list (such as iCloud or Gmail).

3. Enter the name you want to name the list, then tap Done.

4. Tap the list to open it, then tap Add Contact or the plus (+) button in the upper right corner.

5. Search for the contact you want, then tap Done.





If you want to delete a contact list, go to the "Lists" menu, swipe left on the list, and tap the "Delete" button.Along the way, you'll also find the option to rename the list.

Keep iPhone Contacts Organized

With features like lists, you can keep your large contact book organized.Apple even lets you export your list and save it to an offline location if you like.And, since they sync across devices, you can take advantage of your Mac's larger screen, making organizing your contacts easier.

You can also use third-party contact management apps to take your contact management to the next level. There are plenty of these apps on the App Store, so feel free to check them out to see which one works best for you.

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