What is call barring on Samsung phones and how to use it?

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When you want to block all incoming calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you use a feature called "Call Barring."This feature is especially useful if you're in a foreign country trying to manage your phone bill, or if you're away from work and can't take work-related calls.Here's how to use it to block incoming calls on your Samsung Galaxy.


How Call Barring Works

Call barring is a phone setting that prevents you from receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls.On Samsung Galaxy devices, you can block all incoming calls, or restrict all incoming calls while roaming.

For outgoing calls, you can block your phone from making all outgoing calls, all international calls, and all international calls except to your home.Please select these options according to your specific needs.

In addition to simply blocking calls, call barring can also save you from incurring roaming charges when moving abroad.Note that call barring will block all incoming calls, not specific numbers.

How to Activate Call Barring on Samsung Galaxy

To block incoming calls on your Samsung phone, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Phone app from the Apps screen.

2. Tap the three-dot icon and go to Settings.

3. Navigate to Accessibility Services in the Settings menu.

4. Tap Call Restrictions, and then select Voice Calls or Video Calls, depending on which you want to block.

5. Use the toggle switches to activate call barring for the type of incoming or outgoing calls you want to block.

6. If asked for a password, enter 0000, which should be the default password.




Call barring settings will be tied to your SIM card.In this case, when you switch to a different service provider with the same phone, the call barring on the new SIM will not be activated.

To disable call barring on a Samsung Galaxy, tap the three-dot icon in the Phone app, then go to Settings > Supplementary Services > Call Barring > Voice Calls and toggle off each setting.

Block Incoming Calls on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Call barring comes in handy when you want to block all incoming or outgoing calls on your Samsung Galaxy.You can turn it on or off when you don't need it, whether for privacy reasons or to prevent roaming charges.If the call barring feature isn't working properly, your service provider should be able to help you resolve the issue.

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