MyRadio (Enjoy global radio)

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Myradio(Global Radio Station) is a free and practical radio listening application. This software brings users a large number of Internet radio stations. The high-definition lossless sound quality brings a very good audio-visual experience to the majority of listeners and friends. Various types of styles The programs are clearly classified, which is convenient for users to search and find.And supports the format switching of multiple languages, you can directly search for the corresponding radio programs according to your needs, and you can also filter according to countries and regions. There are more than 50000 radio stations from almost all over the world.The main thing isMyradiois completely free, and this version has been cracked to unlock vip membership.


Software features

·The world's top radio listening software and it's all free

·High security, no advertising harassment brings you the ultimate enjoyment

·Broadcast software with the largest number of domestic and international radio stations at the same time

· Master the fashion as much as you can, music, news, traffic and life information, 24-hour live broadcast

·The most popular radio channel of the year, Hit FM Jinqu FM, Voice of China, Beijing Music Radio, Voice of Economy, Global Information, Easy FM EZ FM, Beijing News Radio, The Voice of Music, Shanghai Dynamic 101, China National Radio, Guangxi Music broadcasting, China Radio International, transportation, literary broadcasting, etc.

· Find the most popular stations in your country from Radio Stations, or search by genre, city, country

· Radio online listening: automatic FM is more convenient

· Super fast, virtually lag-free, and no ads.





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