11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Windows 7 Start Menu

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The Start menu has been one of the hallmark features of the Windows operating system for years.It's designed to bring more accessibility to the operating system, making many things easier on Windows.The Start menu has also improved over time, and the Start menu in Windows 11 is even more functional.


In this article, we'll take you through how the Start menu in Windows 11 can benefit you while using your computer.

1. Search Apps, Files and Settings


Windows 11's search feature allows you to find files, apps, and settings on your PC.If you've used Windows 10 and earlier, the search feature in Windows 11 should be familiar.Still, Windows 11's Start menu is unlike any previous version of Windows, and it also has a dedicated search bar.

Instead of looking for files in the "File Explorer" application, just type the file name on the keyboard to open it quickly.This saves you time, although you need to remember what you're looking for.

2. Pin your favorite apps to the start menu


The Start menu in Windows 11 makes it easier to access all of your favorite apps on your computer.Much of the Start menu shows all the apps you've pinned; you can also unpin them. If you don't like an app, you can unpin it and pin others you think are more important. Like the bar, the Start menu in Windows 11 lets you quickly access your favorite apps by pinning them.

If your list of favorite applications gets too long, you can create an applications folder in the start menu.You can pin some of your favorite applications to the taskbar for easy access.

3. Move app icons and create folders


Your most important apps should appear on the top row of the "Pinned" section of the Start menu so you can find them quickly.However, if you want to change the arrangement of pinned apps, you can drag the app icon and place it elsewhere in the pinned section.You can also create application folders by combining multiple applications into one folder in the Start menu.

4. Open recently opened application files with one click


The Windows 11 Start menu shows pinned apps and recommendations by default, which you can easily find at the bottom.In the Recommended section, you'll see a list of all your recently opened files and recently added apps, making it easier to access them with one tap.

The Recommended section also includes a "More" option that will take you to a long list of recently opened files. If you want to access files and folders that you opened days ago, don't hesitate to check out the full list. However, some People don’t like anything in the Recommended content section. If you’re one of those people, the Start page in the Settings app will help you disable Recommended content in the Start menu.

5. Start menu shows list of apps installed in Windows 11


If you want to know if you have an application installed on your computer but don't remember its name, you should click "Applications" at the top right of the Start menu.This will give you a full list of the apps installed on your computer, including those installed outside of the Microsoft Store.If you can't find the application you're looking for, it doesn't exist on your computer.

If you remember the first letter of the app, you can click on any letter in "All Apps" and select the first letter to get a list of apps that start with that letter.This is more convenient than scrolling with the mouse.

6. Change the location of the start menu


Windows 11 introduces a number of changes to the Start menu, including the ability to change its location.You can change the taskbar alignment and move the Start menu to the left or center through the Settings app.None of the previous versions of Windows allowed users to change the position of the Start menu to be centered, which is one of the reasons why the Windows taskbar looks so different from the macOS Dock experience.

To change the location, open the Settings app by pressing Win+I, go to Personalization, and click on Taskbar.Now, scroll to the bottom and find the taskbar alignment drop-down menu in Taskbar behavior.You can set the taskbar alignment to left or center.

7. Change account settings and fix account errors from the start menu

If there are any issues with your account in Windows 11, the Start menu will display a notification asking you to fix them.This is the easiest way to know if there are any errors and take action.Additionally, a "Profile" icon will appear at the bottom of the Start menu, which will open the "Your Information" page in the "Settings" app when tapped.There you'll get some great links, including one to create a new Microsoft account.You can also change your Microsoft account's profile picture from the account information page.

Note, however, that you can disable account notifications from appearing on the Start menu.Again, you'll need to go to the Start page of the Settings app and turn it off.

The Start menu in Windows 11 deserves some praise...but don't rely too much on it

When one thing promises many things, we tend to rely too much on it.While the Start menu can make a lot of things easier, there are other ways to make things easier beyond the iconic Start menu.For example, instead of opening your favorite apps in the start menu, you can pin them to the taskbar for one-click access at any time.

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