How to uninstall and redownload PS5 games

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Unless you upgraded to a powerful SSD card for the PS5, you'll most likely need to make some tweaks to your games if you want to expand your game library.That means deleting old games to make room for new ones.

Thankfully, the process is quick and easy, and if you know how, you can clear some space for your next gaming adventure in less than 5 minutes.Deleting a game on your console might make you nervous, especially one you've been addicted to for hundreds of hours, but you have nothing to lose.


Will deleting a game on PS5 delete my save data?

The biggest concern when deleting games on PS5 is whether save data will be deleted.Fortunately, you don't need to worry about this.Deleting games on PS5 doesn't delete your save data, so you don't have to stop making room for new games on PS5.


Deleting a game on PS5 deletes it from the system, but your save data is stored elsewhere on the console.Deleting save data is a completely different process, you cannot delete save data by accident.

How to delete games on PS5?

If you've been playing a game recently that you want to delete, and it's still on your home page, all you have to do is hover over the game icon, press the Options button on your controller, and press the Delete key.The game will then be removed from your system and you can replace it with another game.


Only recently played games will appear on the home screen.If the game no longer appears on the home screen, scroll right and open the game library.Make sure you're on the "Installed" tab, find your game, press the option button on your controller, and select "Remove".


If you're having trouble finding the exact game, you can also use "Sort by Filter" by scrolling right and selecting the icon with the down arrow.You can sort games alphabetically, newest to oldest, or even by size to help you find what you're looking for.


How to redownload games on PS5?

If you finish a new adventure and miss an old game you deleted, redownloading the game is as easy as deleting it in the first place.Just head to your game library again, but instead of looking at the "Installed" tab, flip over to "Your Collection".

Use the "sort" function or traditional browsing to find the game you're looking for.Once you find the game, press the options button on your controller and select "Download".The game will automatically download to your console as soon as you have enough space.


You can check the download progress by going to the "Download/Upload" section.There you can see the download in real time and see an approximate time frame for the download.

Don't let limited space hold you back from playing new PS5 games

The PS5 doesn't have all the space in the world, and as games get more exciting, file sizes get bigger.Thankfully, making the most of your space by downloading and redownloading games is a very simple process, and you don't need any additional equipment or storage options to do it.

If you've been saving all your old games on your PS5 because you don't want to delete your save data, hopefully this guide will give you peace of mind that your save data is safe on your console even after the games disappear.

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